Don't Like Your Ex

I have been broken up from a cheating abusive guy for over a year and a half. I have dreams of him occasionally though. I have been in a new relationship for over a year. My relationship was gonna be a one night stand but turned out we stayed together. We have been living together and have talked about marriage and have a new baby on the way. I really do not understand why I have dreams of my EX though. I had the dream last night and it went kinda like this. I was pregnant in the dream. My fiance and I were standing out side where we live and his EX girl friend came up to us starting s^it. So I f^cked her up with my keys. Then it went to me being in a court room. Suprise Suprise! It wasn't over her though. I was told I had a warrent from a nother country that I had never been to. Then the dream went to my EX and I. My EX was doing outragious s^hit like flirting in my face and other dumb s^it. So ofcourse in my dream I get pissed.  I was at some kind of get together and I was sitting down only talking to one person. I was talking to some girl. Well it came down to me going off. Then my EX invited all kinds of bi^ches in to the place we lived. So I end up going in where we live and seeing the bed messed up and bi^ches every where. The bi^ches were rude and getting smart with me. So I brake up with the as^hole. Then a guy pops up in the dream that has interest in me and him and I talk. I try to make arrangements to get my stuff out of the place where my EX and i stayed. In my mind I know he is going to cause problems and make it hard. Then another EX of mine shows up in the dream. This EX i am okay with though. I end up hanging out with him and going to see his family. This EX and I broke up cause he was on heavy drugs but I am still okay with him. I go to his parents house and he goes and passes out and I am on the phone with this new guy that popped up in my dream. I am on the phone with him explaining where I am and why and then i make myself wake up. It was a stupid dream to me but it is one that I couldn't help think about after I woak up. I woak up confused. I can make sense of the cheating, abusive EX. But the rest was confusing to me. In the dream it showed me exactly how my EX really was and oddly enough it kinda led up to me meeting someone new. It was kinda how it happen in real life. I broke up with my cheating abusive EX and met someone new soon after. I have been with the guy I meet ever since.

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And you have a baby on the way?