Outside the Open Window

With the warm weather I have opened my windows to allow the fresh spring air inside.  The only problem is getting used to the noise outside.  I hear every little sound and wonder if someone has infiltrated my mighty fortress to invade my precious solitude.  I hear the sounds of the earth settling outside and my mind wonders.  Is that you MT?  Possibly Silver?  Oh no it is Chris because I also smell peanut butter (lol).  Still no, maybe it is Max coming to make sure I am recycling and not leaving water dripping unattended.  ALthough welcome all are an unexpected intrusion into my silence. 

I hear the owl not so far away hooting.  What is that old wives' tale about death and owls?  Does it count after dark? 

I hear the wind whistling through the trees and it is an eerie sound being all alone in the middle of the woods with the moaning trees.  Are they moaning because they know a storm is coming to test their strength and capacity to bend?  Are they moaning because of their old age. 

I  may never know the answers to these questions as I get up to close the windows in my bedroom.  Oh yes spring is here and the windows will be open again, but I have had enough nature for tonight.

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Offering up stuffed bear substitute services.

LOL Dedre. He is a stuffed animal. I guess I would be the one stuffed huh? LOL<br />
<br />
MT, Well it didn't work for Mr. Mop but come on in! LOL

actually I prefer the bed-mate to be the one "appropriately stuffed"...but to each there own!

*knock knock*<br />
<br />
Delivery for a Mr Bear......

LOL so you are a teddy bear? My teddy bear can just rest in my bed as he is totally stuffed.

I've had 3 or more claims to be a "teddy bear"....does that help my situation?<br />
<br />
AWWW! Shouldn't have screamed that with the headphones on!!!!

LOL gentlemen. Just come to the door. I might invite you in, but then again I am snuggling with my teddy bear right now and he is so warm and cuddly. (He looks like the snuggle bear.)

*dons audio dish, headphones and heat-sensitive optical goggles* mwah-ha-ha

*sulks around to see another window is open*

UH OH! Is that MT I hear yelling outside the window. Oops close the shutters lol.

DAMN IT!!!!!

Awww thanks Dedre. You are so precious.<br />
<br />
mT, I can still hear you. I have a pair of sonic ears lol.

lol! this reminds of a recent fmylife entry about a girl who was undressing and realized a yard-worker in her complex was within eyeshot of her window; she figured "eh, I'll give him a show *giggle*"...<br />
...later, she found a note on her window to "please shut the blinds next time!<br />
<br />
*ahem* of course, I'm sure if I were so lucky, I'd make sure it's meant as a gentleman gesture, especially if it were you! ;p

<br />
Mental note * got to walk quieter *