Here We Go Again

yes.. it is happening again, someone please help me..
i keep hearing these voices telling me sad things and crazy things...
it always whisper to my ear how bad i am at everything..
it even sometimes tell me that I should not call any help from friends because they will not believe me even i tell them...
it even told me that no one loves me even myself...
it is a demon inside of me!!!
and Im afraid that I will kill myself if I could no longer take it!!!
eaden594 eaden594
18-21, M
7 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I know how u feel it leaves Ya confused everyday how ppl really feel bout Ya n makes Ya feel low bout Ya self n goin to b all alone one day) :

I experienced this same thing and i understand where you are coming from. No, you are not crazy! Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. It ****** me off when people automatically jump to the conclusion of "mental illness." My first encounter with this one particular voice took place at a company I use to work for. Strangely enough, it was emitted through the speakers set up across the facility and half the people heard the same exact thing I did! It wasn't a popular disc jockey from a radio station, this was coming from somewhere else. My first thought was someone hacked into communications, but I have no evidence of that yet. I told my supervisor about the situation and she came to the conclusion that i was nuts. Well, if that was the case, then half the workforce would need a "mental evaluation!" Upon leaving that place, the voice continued through the speakers in my car. I don't know who would have the energy to do something as heinous as this, which makes me wonder who or what is truly causing this phenomenon. I looked into this and discovered their are many people out there that have or had experienced the same thing. Look up "targeted individuals." is can really help! good luck!

They just lie because they hate themselves it'd not you

I went through the same thing and it tries to make you think your not worth it but you are. Don't let it take away everything because I feel that its mission is to leave you with nothing but negative. Keep praying and keep your faith alive. Everyone makes mistakes we are not perfect. If its anything like what i went through it will try to separate you from the people that love you and take away all your happiness. I had to deal with it for almost a year but bit by bit it took me apart and made me believe I wasn't worth being loved but that's how it wins when u start believing it. Idk if its demonic but it felt like it and I know once I started taking my meds regularly (risperidone). It helped and the voices started going away. Keep praying and don't feel like me and give up. I believe this happens to us because we are special and have the power to help many others and it tries to traumatized u into thinking that you can't. God loves you and whatever this is that happens to us we can use it to help others when we beat it and give hope to others that they can to. I would never wish what I experienced and heard on anyone and I know how scary it is. You being so young and having to deal with this is making me feel so mad but being negative is exactly what it wants to leave you with. Don't take your life and seek help from a doctor for meds and pray often. It's going to try to take your life apart piece by piece and make u feel like you want to give up but put faith in that it will stop. It took me almost a year for them to go away so it might not happen right away but know that you are loved and deserve to live a happy life don't believe what they are saying even if it sounds like the truth. They are not your friend but will try to convince you and confuse you. Remember you are a child of god and when you win this battle you will come out stronger and wiser and able to help others who go through the same thing. I believe in you if you want to talk further don't be shy to contact me I know exactly how u feel

I am so sorry that this is happening. I suggest that you tell your parents or someone that you can trust that you are having auditory hallucinations. This is a sign of serious mental illness ( not to offend you) and you need to get some help ASAP due to your young age. It's much more difficult dealing with this as a teenager because the suicide rate is the highest. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I would either tell an adult that can help you. Or go to the hospital on your own ( so your not involuntarily committed) to get the help that you need and deserve. Best of luck to you.

We are so similar. Why does this happen to us?