Many Nameless Voices

I was trying to fall asleep, and heard a someone say something. I sat up, and no one was up, I was the only one awake in the house.

I went back to sleep. There were more voices, all pretty calm, and saying fragmented sentences.

But I soon felt a prescence in my room. I could feel the prescence grow, it was strange...and terryifing. I tried to call for my family, but had no voice.


Another night I heard voices, but this time they weren't as calm. At first they were, but they were more curious. They would ask questions like "What do you think your doing?" "Are you stupid?" and so on.

They started to yell, and scream...I don't remember what they were saying by that point. Also, this is really strange, but I could hear something moving in my room. But there was nothing in there. Yet I heard noises, that had the pattern of foot steps.

I haven't heard voices since.

otter3 otter3
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010