The Lion

I once loved a lion who believed he was more clever than me
Until the day I realized the lion had one weakness one tendency you see
His flaw was much for a woman of my caliber to perceive
I cried profusely for the truth was inconceivable to me
It was on this day I knew that trust would not be warranted so easily by me
The lion had to pay for his lust
The punishment was to become his one true desire and observe his actions
The level at which he would attempt to destroy me mad he could possess others
I refused solely because although others would not believe his true nature
I knew I had not witnessed but I knew in my heart the stories were true
He sought to insult my intelligence destroy my credibility
He attempted to all I loved in a way he could never earn or receive
After such a betrayal I sought to manipulate only his mind and
see the lengths and limits he would go
In the end he will never have me no matter how many lies he tells rumors he sells
I never walk backwards I may re visit with a purpose but never will I stay
The lion must pay through heartache and pain and longing for a love he destroyed due to his irrevocable lust
He lost the one thing that has him at a void
That one thing is me
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
Nov 28, 2012