It's Not Me!

It really isn't me that loses the remote - I am the mommy - I know where everything is, right?!  Otherwise, why would my children AND my husband always ask me when they have misplaced something.

And in our house, the remote is the most frequent item to get lost!

So, last night, everyone is in bed, I am alone, decide to be a little decadent and I have a homemade brownie with ice cream in a bowl and I am going to watch one of my recorded programs before I go to bed.  Well, this is how it went - my ice cream is starting to melt, so I carry it around with me while I spend 30 minutes looking for the thing.  I KNOW it isn't me, because I am always on EP - I don't watch TV.  So, I am searching - the kitchen, the cushions in the chairs, under the sofa, in the garage (snow clothes are out there), upstairs in the girls rooms - no where so I gave up and went upstairs to go to bed - and I was HIGHLY agitated.  Then, I went back downstairs for something else and decided to check a very unlikely place but maybe - in the drawer (that we NEVER use) of a side table - there sits the remote - well it is too late NOW!

I want one of those remotes that you can push a little key fob and it will beep like a homing device until you find it or else, I am going to have to be like all of the businesses are now with their pens - tie the remote to something immovable!


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It's so funny to have you comment on this today - just last week I was ready to wake up the whole house looking for that remote. I have not been watching TV for weeks, and finally decide to have a little treat and watch one of my recorded shows to relax - I spent over 1/2 hour looking for the remote and eating the treat while I am walking (it was ice cream and it was melting!) around looking for it. I didn't find it - I needed to go to bed and I was MAD!<br />
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About 1/2 later I had to come downstairs to get something, and I thought let me check this one spot that we NEVER put the remote - a drawer that we NEVER NEVER use - and there is the remote! UGH!

ooo sounds fun lol

that is so funny!

Now, my dog is too old to learn new tricks - but I will have to keep that in mind when (if) we ever get another dog (non-shedding, I hope, next time -- warning - don't ever go to the pound to just look!). Love the comment!

it's either that or train the dog to find it lol

I would love a "clap on" or I have phones, you go to the base and hit find handset - and the handset beeps until you find it.<br />
<br />
When my oldest was a baby, she HID my cordless phone - I had to call my dad on the corded phone and ask him to call me back and let it ring.... It was in a cabinet with pots and pans!<br />
<br />
A remote finder, key finder and glasses finder - all ideas for great inventions! So who wants to invent them and make a lot of money??<br />
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thanks for the fun comments!

remember the "clap on" for lights? <br />
<br />
cant we have that to find things like remotes? car keys? etc?

I aaaalways lose the damn remote. I sometimes carry it to the kitchen with me when i get a drink.. i dont know why then i will go back to the living room and spend 20 min looking for it. ****** me off.:)