I Go For Comfort Not Look's

I wear what I am comfortable in and that's all that matter's to me, comfort. My wife keep's telling me that I dress like it's the 60s. She keep's telling me that one day while I am gone that she is going to clean out my closet. That is not a problem I tell her, I will just go down to goodwill or yard sale's and fill it back up. And she know's I would too. I like to be comfortable, I dont dress to please other people. I figure that if they dont like the way I look then that is why God made a head that turn's, look somwhere else. I go to yard sale's and get shirt's already broke in for fifty cent's to a dollar, two or three dollar's at goodwill, I cant buy cloth's that cheap at wallyworld " walmart "

Now dont get me wrong, I do have good cloth's to put on in case I have to go to a wedding or a funeral. I have good cloth's for church. But any other time it is checkered flannel when it's cold and Tshirt when it's warm, and of course my ball cap. I go out and forget my hat people dont know who I am. When it come's time to climb into that pine box I done told the wife, dont you put me in no suit cause people will think they in the wrong place. Blue jean's, a good Tshirt and make sure my hat is on me. Just so I feel like i'm dressed up when I meet the lord I told her to make sure I had my dingo boot's on. I'm too old to worry on what other's think on how i'm dressed, including the wife.
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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Thank's for the offer Miss Owlie but I would'nt want to upset your daughter so you just hang onto them : ) My Best

You can have my Monkey jammies

Thank You for reading and commenting Miss Owlie. My wife gave me some PJs for christmas two year's ago but I have not got to wear them one time as they are alway's on her : ) My Best

At least you don't have the kind of PJ's my Daughter gave me for Xmas. Red Fleece, Monkeys all over them..oh, also candy canes and snowflakes on them too..weird but fuzzy..shocking to say the least.