Use Diapers, But Never Showed It To Anyone

I use diapers secretly, with the exception of my boyfriend and a friend no one else knows I wear diapers. I never showed it to anyone wearing diapers, not even they know that I am very ashamed. I share a room with my sister for a while, and I keep my diapers in my wardrobe well hidden. Soon I will live with my boyfriend and I can get more comfortable with my diapers.
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Well, the truth is that probably the greatest percentage of us that wear diapers, for need or comfort, keep it a secret.

There's really no reason to be ashamed of your choice, because it is just a choice that you've made, not a choice you've made for others.

Not very many of us understand the root cause of being attracted to diapers as a form of clothing, but there are no laws against it, and for many of us it started at such a young age, there was no sexual interest, at that time. But, as our bodies grew, and our minds matured, this tendency to embrace diapers just became part of many of our personalities, and in some cases, our adult sexuality. Again, there's nothing wrong with having a little kink in your life, as it does spice things up beyond the plain old normal stuff.

I hope when you get situated with your boyfriend, you can become more at ease with your needs, desires, and fantasies.

That is the best thing to do until you feel more secured with your Diapers!! You will Feel it and know it when you move and have the Change!! Diapers Rule!!