My Dirty Little Secret

I am a life long chronic bedwetter. I went from absolutely every night to 2-4 nights a week after I went through puberty.  It has never been much better than that, although It comes and goes more or less as an adult.  As a kid and young teen, I wore diapers to bed every night.  First pampers and such, and then after I out grew them, my mom would cloth diaper me with rubber pants.  After about the age of 13 or so, she let me manage my bedwetting.  Of course I immediately discarded the diapers for the most part and, as a teen, routinely woke up "floating" in my wet bed.  That was while I lived at home where I had easy access to a washer and dryer.  When I went away to school, I rethought that approach and for the most part used disposable diapers with plastic pants at night to reduce the wash.  This was problematic since my bedwetting was and is my biggest secret.  While family and close friends know, my business associates and other friends have no idea. While I don't use diapers every night and still have a few soaked beds, in any situation where I am traveling or away from home I am always sleeping in diapers.  I do, however, try to keep it extremely discrete, since the humiliations I suffered being outed as an adolescent bedwetter (camp, etc.) have stayed with me for life.
Floater Floater
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I keep my bedweting a secret from most people now. When I was a kid everyone knew I wet the bed, whether they know no I don't know as no one ever mentions it.