Well, it's not a 100% secret anymore 😕. My friend was texting me and I told him how it would be great to be able to have your text open in one corner and your app in the other instead of clicking out constantly. So out of curiosity he asked what app and I told him 😱. He had never heard of EP but now someone close to me knows that I have an account...
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It doesn't seem like you've posted anything in the past that would be embarrassing for others to read, so it shouldn't be too bad that someone close to you knows about your EP account.

This post makes me wonder how many out there openly tell their real life friends about the site

you raise a good point because in all honesty even though most wish to maintain some level of anonymity on here they can freely and comfortably tell their friends the site exists but refrain from telling them how to find them and they dont have to tell them what experiences interest them on here. Primarily when I talk about the site I just say it is where I talk to other people who have Spina Bifida, which is what I have.

Ok so he knows you have an account, he doesn't know your username right? So it's still secret? It's like people knowing you have an ATM card but not telling them the number. *shrug*.