I Have Just Locked My Hubby In A Chastity Cage

Last friday I made the momentus decision that the coming weekend would be the one where I take the big step of putting hubby into some sort of chastity device. I knew that I could trust my favourite website (from which I've taken my EP name), Pampered Diva Gifts, and sure enough they didn't let me down. They have currently a choice of three cages, the CB3000 which I think might be too small, the Spiked Cage, which seems rather cruel, although it got me wet imaginning keeping him in that for a week! Finally I settled on The Curve, which seemed ideal.
Friday night, as I was giving my husband his weekly discipline session, with the love paddle, I asked him whether he had *********** during the week. Ar first he started to lie, but I could tell straight away and gave him a wild volley of blows, and screamed over and over 'Don't Lie!!'. He started blubbering and confessing that he'd had a quick **** one morning when I'd had to leave early.
I thanked him for being honest and informed him that Sunday evening he will face a serious session with the cane, and when I'm too exhausted to hit him again, I'm going to give him something to help him with his ************ addiction. He looked horrified, but decided not to press me. I think he was hoping that I would let him off.
We had a fairly uneventful weekend, with hubby being an angel, massaging me, licking me to *******, buying me gifts. it was all so lovely, and completely wasted. I had a firm resolve to cane him until his arse was on fire, and then lock him up for at least a week.
On Sunday evening I instructed my rather nervous husband to go and shower and wait for me naked in the bedroom. I let him wait there for about half an hour, then I entered and handcuffed his hands behind his back, to stop him fighting me, and tied his feet to a bed post to stop him running around. I got out the curve, and placed it on the bed in front of him, then got the cane and stood behind and to the side of him.
I swished it a bit and asked him if he knew why he was being punished, and he replied that he did, and that it was for ************ without permission. I then started to cane him. Not raining down blows as I had with the paddle, but methodically, and with a steady rhythm, counting to two between each blow, and hitting as hard as I possibly could. His bum was pretty red all over, and now I was adding a pattern of bright red weals, which I thought looked rather artistic and fetching. Hubby, of course, was screaming and pleading and crying the whole time, but I was enjoying myself and wasn't about to stop any time soon.
I realise that I actually got a bit carried away, I was so aroused by the pain I was inflicting, and carried on for much longer than I had intended, but hey ho, I was in charge!
When I calmed down a bit I put down the cane and picked up the cage. It took a bit of fiddling to get the fit right, but he was finally in the thing, and he was still crying. I kissed his lips and told him that the cage was his protection against being caned like he just had, as he now couldn't **********, even if he wanted to. I was pretty sure that within a few days he was really going to want to.
Anyway, all this caning and locking had got me so worked up that I untied my newly chaste husband and had him use his tongue on me until I couldn't possibly *** any more. What a wonderful weekend it was, for me anyway!!
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Very nice story. Have you ever thought of tying him up after a caning and inviting a friend over to see your work?

my wife put me in chastity this time its 8 months an not unlock yet out sdie of my whippings for not doing chores an all

I ordered mine last week and it is on the way. My wife has agreed to us having it, so we will need to see how it goes. Any advice for her ?

you will like it i been in out of mine for 15 years

what kind you getting
any help in putting it on i m here for you and any help you or wife needs

i dont get on here often so if you want fast answers email me

Sounds like a GREAT finish to your weekend and the beginning of a ************-free life for him!!

My wife put me in a metal cage for pretty much the same reason a little over 6 months ago. It is very comfortable (not that she cares) and is easy to maintain without having to take it off.
Here is a link to show what it looks like, I do have a few pics of me wearing it on my profile page.


My cage is coming tomorrow and I can't wait to put it on and give my wife the keys. This was a great read. Thanks for sharing.

that is nice you will love it like i do
my wife had put me in chastity over 15 years ago few yers after my daughters were born she did not want sex or not very much and did not want children and since we are Catholics we did not want protection or surgery hence it was me to be in chastity so i would not stray from the flock so to speak

How I would love to be married to you xxx

My Wife is still in the process of disciplining me for watching **** on my phone and ************. It has been a week of heavy belting and 24/7 chastity. She has even puchased the spiked, as You mentioned, which can, indeed, be qite painful. Because of that She puts my regular one when i go to work. I dont think ill be touching myself for a long time. She has just today, given me back my phone. I am not sure how much longer the beltings will continue, but i do know i am to get ready for one tonight.
I am very greatfull to have such a loving Wife, and so should your husband.

Your story makes me tingle. I must invent something hubby has done wrong so I can punish him.

My Wife sometimes will give me something to do, She knows i cant possibly accomplish on time. That is when i know She is in the mood. That is when She is at Her most aggressive.
Have fun and enjoy. :-)

that is how i feel at times that she has me do things i cant finished on time just so she can discipline me

oh i know just how you feel being caught **** site and chatting online to young girls i got put in chastity thsi was some 15 years ago after daughters born and thee months of mainteance canings

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Thats the best way to treat your husband.
I would reccomend keeping him locked up all the time and only letting him *** once every 3 months or so.
Regular canings for failing to do housework etc or moaning about being locked up will work along side this to give you a very respectful and subservient partner!!

get all above but i dont get the release every three months

Even better
I hope she cuckolds you if you don't show her the respect she deserves

that is how my wife is has me lock get out 2 times year strapping caning for not doing house work or attitude disrespectful in panties she an her gf hold key and she is thinking og given one to our daughter to hold when wife goes on trips

I realy enjoy Your stories. As a male submissive, i can easily relate. Thank you

My wife keeps me in chastity with a CB silicone sheath that she has locked into the ****-ring of my locking butt plug harness. A rubber ring is fitted around the inside of the steel **** ring so that the ring doesn't pinch my testicles.
Prior to being put in chastity, my wife found it necessary to give me daily maintenance spankings with a leather tawse and these are now required far less frequently. Also because my wife now controls the frequency of when I am allowed to ****** our sexual experiences are far more fulfilling.

that is some what like my wife with me

My partner is very interested in chastity cages and some light bdsm. I'm pretty new to it all and pretty clueless how to proceed, any tips for a new lady whose partner loves being bound and punished?

This is amazing i love my small **** to be locked by a Woman.

My wife locked me in a steel chastity cage which is impossible to get off. When she first did it I felt like I was in jail. When she snapped that lock shut I know I had to be on my best behavior if I ever wanted to get release again. She kept me locked up for 6 weeks to break me of wanting sex when ever I wanted it. It worked and now I feel naked if she takes the cage off. I'm much better behaved now and I even get along better with my mother in law and sister in law who has seen me in my cage. It was a good thing for us.

That all sounds excellent!

My wife has locked me in a steel cage too, however we have developed a security anti pullout device molded from thermal plastic available on ebay / Amazon that pushes down on the back of the penis to stop removal and has a small flap that drops down if the penis is removed exposing some sharp needles so there is no way to get back in without serious injury. As such once the lock shuts your locked in and the deterent is enough to stop you trying to sneak out.
We have also purchased the 'Kithen Safe' from Amazon which timelocks for upto 10 days so there is no temptation to unlock you. Its also good for locking you down while she is out or at work or just locking you in until 11.30pm each day so you can sleep uncaged but locked during the working day.Once the timer is set you have to wait or break the device to get to the keys. These little additons make the experience very real. No pull out and no release until the timer expires.
Originally we tired the CB3000/6000 and Jailhouse copies with the smallest ring to deter pullout however non of these devices unmodified were secure however using the slightly larger ring with these modifications makes it comfortable and impossible to pull out / get back in. So the experience can continue without the usual chastity burning and damage around your sac. The experience is now very real and sensual knowing that you cannot remove the device without being caught. Plus there is a £100 forfet if you remove or try to remove the device if the mods were not enough.

i am lock in cb3000 this time 8 months usually its year or more before release to clena shave sex after our daughters were born few years later sex was like less less till none she could not trust me for good reason hence lock in chastity an been like that since
its part of me an you dont even know you are wearing one anymore

I wish you were my wife!!! I hope he realises how lucky he is to have you!!!

He thinks that I am the lucky one! Maybe he's right.

No, he's the lucky one!!! I would LOVE to be him! He's so lucky to have someone to limit his ******* for him. He doesn't need to *** if your not around, the longer he is in chastity,the more obedient and attentive to you he'll be!!!

Very true!

Just saying if I was your husband, I would file for divorce, then I would press charges. Unless I was into that sort of thing

That's the point! He is into that sort of thing!

A great story!
My wife keeps me locked for days and weeks on end. She found me playing with myself one day and put down the rules the next. She keeps me in a Birdlocked Pico (has the spikes inside) so I get a painful response when I squeeze or play with myself, or get an er***ction. Anyway, I now serve her, or I get no relief.

I've been locked for years now. I'm rarely allowed to c*m anymore. My wife doesn't have to beat me anymore when I'm bad because she has something much worse. Over the years she has stretched my balls out to over 6 inches while she stuffed my c*ck into smaller and smaller cages. She handcuffs my hands in front of me, has me stand against the bedroom wall, and hooks my balls between my legs to a pully system hooked to the wall near the ceiling. she pulls them up hard between my legs until I'm bent forward, on my toes or even almost hanging depending on how bad I was. She will leave me there while she sits on the bed in front of me playing with herself. I'm not bad very often.

Fantastic, I love it!

Twelve years ago I gave my Wife a CB-2000. The past six years she's kept me locked almost all the time in a CB-6000S and has become very demanding about it. I'm always on my best behavior when locked and she likes me that way.
I don't argue any more with her and I do what ever she tells me to.
She was mad at me and kept me locked for 55 days with no release.

My wife read your story and decided that lifestyle was right for her, she had me tied to the bed and then told me how things were to be from then on. I have been locked in a steel tube for three months now, she says it'll be another nine before she will even consider letting me have a ******. She has told me she will be taking lovers and that if she so decides, he'll be moving in. I already have to eat her cream pies, she has added that when she does take a lover in, I can be sure of getting a lot more.

Hi Brian, I'd love to learn more about how your relationship is evolving. Are you okay with all this? Your wife's decisions seem like diving right into the deep end. I've talked with my wife and she jokingly says she can have lovers, but I may not. I very seriously doubt she would though.

I'm pleased to have discovered your stories. I'm going to your blog to catch up.

Good, please comment on each one, telling me what it made you feel, or else!

Yes I shall.... your or else is so much more severe then my Mistress.

After being caught on line with my hand busy watching cuckold ****, she freaked out. At first she was going to leave but I told her I just had a fantasy of eating my cream pie from her. I also said I lose that desire as so as I ***. She took control then and I was forced to eat my mess after every time she let's me have penetrative sex with her. That went from a few Times a week to almost never. Soon I noticed my libido had declined and I could only get weak erections. After that she made me wear a strap on and she started milking me. I have never been happier. I am still getting fed cream pies and I know she had multiple partners. I found out I have been being fed estrogen and birth control pills. She. Said she has made my dreams come true

Will you make me comment on your blog too?

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Glad to hear you took charge of the situation and have things under control! You are an awesome Mistress that deserves to be worshiped!

My wife and keyholder put me in CB-6000 long time ago. From the beginning, it was like 2-3 days straight, then it comes to 5 weekdays with release on Saturday for sexual activities, and now, I'm in chastity for 20 days already with 70 more to come. My wife demanding to go down on her, using my great oral techniques at least once a day, sometimes more, and playing with her toys in front of me. In a past, we were talking a lot about cuckolding lifestyle, and I would think that my wife made her choice already. Looks like she start looking for a lover who will satisfy her sexual needs better than I am. I'm OK with it. We had an agreement: I should be present at any time when my wife will be in bed with her lover. So, she will not have sex behind my back, which is perfect.

I am single and on weekends tend to try to climax a bit too often, so I sometimes lock myself into one of the devices I have. It may be only for a few hours, but when I decide to unlock myself I get better "results". I have yet to try to sleep wearing it. Any pointers or words of wisdom?

i am lock by wife in cb3000 only sex i get is given her oral an making her ****** wtih toys
i do all house work i obey i get punished an i get mainteance spankings

Wow wow wow, u have a lucky husband!

After only a short time now in my cb 3000, my wife has told me to deal with it because she likes it .
I have been told that she wants me to remain in the device.
I dont dare say a word.
She is the Boss.

Excellent! I love knowing how frustrated hubby is. I'm sure your wife will gradually extend your periods of frustration.

I am learning that its much better for me to remain locked.
My wife is becoming more and more in control of my every move.
I am so in love with her and am so glad she has chosen this for me.
I hope as each day passes I am able to give her comfort and joy just as each day that passes I remain locked for her.
Thank You Pampereddiva.
You are an amaizing woman and your husband is such a lucky man to have your love, guidance, and control !

My wife told me to stop playing with myself through my diaper and plastic pants. I did not so she took me to the store to buy a CB6000s or Birdlocked Mini. We tried to put it on, but I became too aroused. Any suggestions on how to install without any arousal. In the meantime, she now squeezes my test*ticles on a daily basis until I start to cry. I would prefer the chastity device to the daily squeezings.

I don't think what you would prefer is a bit relevant. To put on a chastity device, it's best if your wife wanks you off first, then puts a bag of frozen veg on your genitals until you are tiny. Some lube will then help you slide in.
Tell your wife that I say she should continue with the ball squeezing, and add hitting, spanking, thumping and hitting with various implements like wooden spoons.
That's what I do to hubby all thetime.

Thanks for the installing advice. I will tell her.
In the meantime, I am glad that you are not the one controlling me. Your husband must take quite a beating.

Oh I have been advised that when I get home this weekend I will be placed in a CB 3000.
My mind is racing !

After reading your story you wouldn't get me in a cage.... At least not right away.

Wow. Wish I had someone like you to train me.

wow always love reading yiur stories brilliant

sounds like me an my wife she got me the cb3000 pu *** on for week then off then on for week then off when she ptut it back on its been on now for 7 months has me in panties doing house work telling me she does not need my tiny penis anymore

She sounds like a woman after my own heart. Do you get any sexual relief?

only when she ***** me an that is maybe once every three months or so

i am lock in cb3000 een in nchastity voer 10 years i am usually lock 8 months or more at time an unclick wiht wife to shave me an lock up i am not permitted to **** jac off nothing i must obey wife an all females i perfrom oral for her ****** an do my house work an in panties full time punishment if i mist behave

he is a very lucky man... add panties for him to wear while in chastity... it makes it much more embracing...

Well, what is the rest of the story. How did your husband deal with the chastity belt?

Read my blog, all my stories are there , in sequential order

You did him a service pampereddiva. You taught him a lesson he will not forget, and you were kind enough to provide him with a means to improve as well. He is so lucky to have you. He will be a much better man because of you. All women could learn to do this.<br />
<br />

I hope your husband realizes how very fortunate he is to have such a loving caring Wife.

well done! in this way you definitely control your husband.

My wife has kept me locked for 7 years. Now I'm in a spiked cage. I started out with a 7 inch c**k now over the years she's shrunk it to less than 5 inches. (yes, if you cram it into smaller and smaller cages it will shrink). My cage is a special made one 2 inches long, hardend stainlees steel, with spikes in the tip, and a built in un-pickable lock. It has taught me not to get hard most of the time. Mistress says she no longer has any use for my c**k so it has no reason to ever get hard. I still do when I eat her but I deal with the pain. She says my tongue is the best. The only time it gets hard now is when I eat her or suck on her t*ts. She always asks me if it hurts and I moan yes. She loves that she's the only thing that will make me hard. She has other big di*ked men to **** her and me to lick her clean. I get to c*m once a year in my hand if I'm good then she has me eat it. She does let me out to edge me every few weeks. My hands are cuffed behind my back. If I accidentely c*m there's hell to pay so I tell her when I'm close. She does it for an hour at least. I hate it. I'd rather be left alone. Most of the time I'm dying to c*m so bad I can barely stand it. After edging I'm crying and begging and when she locks me back up I'm nearly humping the bed, but nothing helps. I do get some relief when she fu*ks my a$$ on Sunday night to milk me. Every once in a while she will ruin an ****** for me as a special supprise and sometimes she has one of her larger lovers **** my a$$ which also drains me. She also loves to watch me s*ck c*ck for her too. I'm not too fond of that but I do it for her. I would do anything for mistress because she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and even though she will never let me in her or un-cage me, I'm the one that sleeps with her and lives with her and takes care of her. I'm just glad her large lovers make her happy and I'm there to lick her clean.