He's In Chastity And Bondage - He's A Very Naughty Boy

About 8 years ago my husband had an affair at work and even moved in with her for six months. The bloom apparently wore off and he came crawling back and wanted to move back in. I had already started divorce proceedings so I wasn't all that anxious to have him back. Pragmatically, however I realized that a divorce would ruin us both financially so I took him back, but on my terms. He was to be placed in chastity under my control to make sure he didn't keep up his philandering ways. This sort of excited me as I knew this would be a real hardship for him; not that he didn't deserve it. 

We started with an inexpensive CB-6000 as I really didn't know anything about chastity belts. It worked, but just didn't do it for me. After all, it's plastic! The other early problem was getting him back into the CB after his weekly cleaning. He would complain and whine which was really getting on my nerves. I would have too spank him repeatedly and threaten to throw him out and re-file for divorce to get him to put it back on.

After thinking about this for several months I had an "Ah Ha" moment. I realized that if being our of his chastity was worse than being it in, we would gladly let me put it back on. It that end I bought a pair of high quality handcuffs, leg irons and a tight latex hood with only two little nose holes but with an integrated rubber "penis" inside it. (Great thanks to the employes at Mr. "S" in San Francisco by the way - I was still learning about all this stuff.) Now, before I remove his chastity, he is handcuffed, the leg irons are put on and the hood is laced on tightly. It's very uncomfortable since it's hard to breath and the penis is stuck in his mouth so he can't speak clearly and has to suck on it.

The rules are he can stay out of his Chastity as long as he wishes, but, of course, he can't speak, see or go anywhere and he can't touch his ****. When he's ready to be locked back in he just has to get on his knees as a signal to me to reapply it. It works really well, he normally lasts about 15 minutes and then caves in.  I really began to enjoy him being restrained. I would often get my hairbrush and give him a good paddling just because I wanted to. It was helping me work  out my anger.

As i mentioned, the CB 6000 just didn't do it for me so I began looking into full steel belts. I settled on a Mature Metal "JailBird" with the anti-pullout spike and security screw locking system. I had it made very short so his penis is really scrunched inside it. I know it's vary painful if he starts to get an erection, but that was the whole point. It's open design means I don't have to remove it for cleaning, which is a real plus.

I liked the bondage I used to put hubby into for cleanings and now just do it to amuse me and punish him. On days he works at home, his hands are restrained by two 12" chains attached to a locking collar I bought with the other ends each having a heavy manacle attached to it. They are just long enough so he can work at his computer but can't reach his chastity. Now he has to request my assistance to go to the bathroom. I love it.

His feet are locked together with a short 6" chain so he can't go anywhere fast. Lastly I got another hood with eye and mouth holes so he can do his job. If I have to leave the house, I lock a chain to an eye bolt I had Hubby install in his home office and the other end to his ankle chains.

If I'm angry, he will sleep with his restraints on. If he's good, maybe not. He now get's a Maintenance Spanking at least twice a week and understands that his new life is to be submissive to me at all times and his roaming days are over, forever. I'm now researching feminization techniques and may start him on bra and panty training soon. Can't wait to see him in a maids outfit cleaning the kitchen in chains. Life is good, and now I have a play thing around to tease and torment whenever I'm bored or just feel like it.   
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I love it. Would love to know more. Horemones? Uretha relocation? He get maintance milkings? Muaah

Write me privately about this.

good for you, have you done any strap on training in is *** yet

Of course.

Hi lw85381
do you mind if I ask you about the woman he had an affair with, did she see him in his new lifestyle, or is that a step to far ???.

I would also like to know this. Would it not be hillarious to have her round for tea one day and have him serve both of you? You could show her just how pathetic he is and what a lucky escape both of you have had.

Wow, what a story, and his life style is very restricted. But it sounds that he is used to it. Does he wear that chastity belt when he goes to work , from the way it sounds, he does.
Just Curious?

He wears his chastity belt 7x24 except for bi-weekly cleaning. When it is removed, he is restrained in handcuffs, ankle hobbles which are attached to various eye-bolts I have installed. Usually, I put a strict latex hood on him to keep him calm and somewhat uncomfortable so he is not all that resistant when his chastity is reapplied.

net, he has a defined sentence to serve, and he will. While he is serving, fairly tight restrictions will apply, especially when he is un-caged.

Now, since it has been more than a year, "she" is much more docile and accepting of his punishment. But, to fully answer your question, he is in chastity all the time except for bi-weekly cleanings. Home, work, whatever. Now, or course, "she" is in feminine dress all of the time not a work, and a bra and panties at work. Yes, the bra is discrete, but there none the less.

Thank you, I was just curious. Is he ever allowed to make love to you? I'm sorry, for asking such things, but I don't know anything about that life style.

Not till his sentence is over. You will have to read the rest of my stories to understand this. After he has served his time, perhaps.
yes, the lifestyle is different, but in a strange way it is our Sex.

Thank you, I have always wondered how a chastity belt would feel like, wearing one.

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I'm glad you learned how to control you hubby! You should both be very happy now - I know i would be! My wife/Mistress gives me too much leniency, and doesn't punish me when she's mad at me, and it just leads to frustration on both our parts. I'll suggest your methods to her!

You are a very special women, and this is an amazing story. Although Mistress L my wife and i live in a very similar lifestyle i certainly did not fool around and would never think about it. I of course am a very submissive boi who found a true goddess. I found and read this story and must now read each and every one of your stories out loud for Mistress. She is very impressed and wants to hear about your lifestyle and training ideas

Omg can you do that to me please

You would have to be really bad to qualify, and insult and hurt me personally. Bummer, only one guy qualifies for now. It's a full time project after all.

Oh. My. Goodness. Take me

Wow that story was such a turn on what an amazing lifestyle:-)

Your should consider getting a training corset from Corset Story like I did and make him wear it all the time under his man clothes and somehow lock it on him and whenever he is home make him wear 5 inch heels and a nice tight pencil skirt and a nice big b*tt plug that only you can remove when nature calls. Then you can see him sauce and prance around up on his toes with his b*tt and chest out at attention for you so he can balance properly with his heels on. If I were you, I would cuckold him and never ever let his member inside any woman as long as he lives. Constantly bring your boyfriends home and make him service them on his knees and tie him to a chair or bind him somehow and stare into his eyes and tell him how good it feels as your lover POUNDS you doggy-style. Maybe get some nice low key girly boots and make him wear them when he is out in public under his pants. Make sure they have at least 3 1/2 inch heels so that he has to alter his walk! You will totally win him over and he will worship the ground you walk on, the crueler you are, the better he will like it. The submission that he experiences from the humiliation that you provide will be more satisfying than than being with any woman, TRUST ME! Make sure you dress in skirts and heels all the time and tease him that you are going to flirt and pick up guys whenever you choose and he will like it or divorce guaranteed! Work him into having you milk his prostate to flush him out for health reasons and only give him satisfaction when you feel like it! Other than that give him absolutely NO satisfaction at all! He deserves it and he asked for it! OH yes, when you stare into hubby's eyes as your lover has his way with you, make sure you say to him "I hope she was worth it because now you will be paying for it the rest of your life!

Oh, but he does have a corset. Actually three of them. All leather. One is a waist cincher underbust corset, one is a long line corset that holds him very erect and has "bullet bra" leather breast cups; very pointy and stick out about 6". I put in his large breast forms to fill the cups and keep him erect and his "boobs" pointed out. The final one is a custom corset with cinch shoulder straps to hold his shoulders back, almost to the extent he cannot bring his hands together in front. Quite painful apparently. The latter two are my favorites as they correct his posture and make many motions almost impossible.

Now, this said, I am a corset lover and have worn them for 40+ years. I tight lace almost every day and love the feeling of constriction and motion restriction they give. So, I understand what he is going through. He will learn to love them, just as I have. It will take time, and ever tightening lacing, but he will.

I don't look at this as punishment; rather as improvement. A straight back, no slouching ever, a vastly improved physique, and yes, I guess continuous punishment to some degree. I'm sure a corset is preferable to 50 smacks with my hair brush - or maybe not..He gets both and cries when spanked, but seems to continue to miss behave in order to get spanked again and again. Go figure. I oblige him of course.

I love control and restriction of movement. I love the one that pulls his shoulders back. Do you have him in ballet boots yet or at the very least some 4 inch stilettos?

4" heels and 6" platforms. He walks quite well in them now. Especially if he is wearing one of his hobble skirts. Sometimes we go to the city for dinner and we both wear our corsets, hobble skirts and heels.

He is getting what he deserves,well done. If more wifes where willing to punish and train their men this world would be a much better and saver place

Hi lw85381 if you want to have some fun, just invite his ex girl friend over for some after noon tea ( do not hate her or think any bad against her for if you were single you would the same thing as her) . For I think the sight of him in a maid uniform serving afternoon tea would be priceless. And then having to show his chastity belt to her would be just deserts.. spider

my wife put me in chastity over 10 years ago she keeps me lock around 8 montths at time but ma ylet me out for shaving which she does we do not have sex i perform oral or her an use toys i am not permitted ****** at all she does not like my penis or my faults from way back

Once a month - Needed or not. Usually preceded by by some e-stim "training".