I Am Becoming A Huge Fan Of Male ****** Denial!

Last night was incredible! I had such a great ******. My pump got primed by the wonderful dinner my husband cooked me.  Watching him do the dishes is also a big turn on for me.  Afterward, he knelt and waited for me at the couch.  Our ritual is to watch a little TV while I get a foot massage.  I disappeared upstairs and a long flowing silky night gown slitted up to the hips. We sat next to each other with my legs across his lap.  Funny, we have been married 20+ years and he still gets a twinkle in his eyes when he is massaging me. 

I say massage but the feel his fingers move across my skin, he is touching and rubbing hoping to seduce me.  I don't mind this even on a night I am not horny, because I like the attention, specially now with hubby locked in a **** cage! 5 weeks of ****** denial has his balls so swollen.  I cannot get my hand around his balls at moment.  The look in his eyes lately when I have his balls tightly wrapped with my fingers.. Mmmm Mmmm I love this control.  Hubby is actually lucky Master has given him the promise of release for his birthday (only 10 days way!) otherwise I might make him wait until our vacation in late July. But back to my story...

30-45 minutes of my husband's excellent foot massage and his trick is working, I want him!  I lead my husband by his hand to the bedroom.  Once there I kneel down into front of him to unlock his cage.  This was Master's funny little idea.  My husband's chastity key is locked onto my eternity collar on short chain just barely long enough for me to kneel and lean in and reach my husband's ****.  Master knows sexuality! This is the long time my hubby gets to have me kneel before him! 

Once free, my husband eagerly  gets into position sitting at the head of the bed with pillow at his back with his thighs spread.  Standing directly in front of him on the bed, I ***** out of my night gown and let hubby gaze up at my naked form.  I tease his swollen balls with my toes, pushing and lifting his ball sac watching his squirm.  With my left foot placed squarely on top of his balls, I start to push down.  His face becomes red, tiny beads of sweat start to form on his brow. He starts begging me to ride him.  He begs to be allowed to pleasure his sexy wife.

I lower myself over his awaiting **** which stands a perfect attention until my ***** lips are touching his crown.  "Are you ready, I ask?"  He nods yes...
I drop hard into his **** with all my weight into squatting position with my wet **** impaled by his wood. Keeping perfecting still, kiss him and place fingers into his nipples.  I roll both his nipples slowly between my fingers and then begin to pinch and hold his nips.  (I'll admit pinching my nipples simply hurts but to my hubby it's a big turn on. I have grown to like pinching him as foreplay too.).  Another oddity of male sexuality, being in a wet **** but denying moment is agony for my husband.  His breathing gets rapid, his face and chest flushes hot.  He keeps repeating please please start....

Soon he begging me for any kind of movement. I laid onto my back with him still in me.  I stretch out and let him rub my **** and slowly thrust my ***** with his hard penis.  Some nights I *** right away and on other nights I get a long long ride. Last night, I rode his **** for 90 minutes! before I came.  Felt like my brain was going to ooze from my eyes as I returned back to earth with a still hard penis in me.  I tried to allow hubby to stay in but any slight movement caused is **** to slide in me and some nights I cannot take a second ******.  Pushed my feet down and arched my back and nearly came again as his **** slid out of me. I rolled into my side and spooned against my husband. 

The evening ended with me deep-throating him several times and then dunking his balls and **** into ice water to cause shrinkage.  I knelt before him again, locked his chastity tube.  Got up and kissed him again and whispered ten more days...
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4 Responses Dec 26, 2012

That's hot

Wonderful, march first 2014 my watchful mistress cage came in the mail its perfect for long term wear,its been made clear by my Dom GF that it will be on for a very long time.

WOW !! This is an amazing story. I would be going out of my mind being teased like that. I have been locked for years and Mistress L my wife loves to tease and torment me and yet leave me locked up. You have a very lucky boi under your control, And thank you so much for sharing your experience

Really good story. Your husband is one lucky guy.