Just Because I'm Not Complaining Doesn't Mean Life's Perfect

I try t keep it inside of me for a [seemingly] good reason though. I feel like I'm only adding weight to my freinds shoulders and I'm dumping my problems on them, and it makes me feel terrible. Now I'm sure one of my friends might be reading this right now and will comment something like 'don't worry I'm always here for you, I can take anything' or something like that, and I understand that you mean it too, but I still feel like I'm dumping my problems on her back and knowing hers, it doesn't seem fair. Now I don't feel at all any extra weight from knowing their problems but I do feel like I'm adding to them. I'm confused, angry, depressed(only slightly thank god), tired, emotionally weary, and really just ready to give up and go take a nap, but I feel like sharing everything with you won't help you any or make things worse more likely. So know, if I'm keeping to myself, it's because I care about you and don't want to add anything to your shoulders. I do really love my friends in that friend way that we all use(even though it could sound like we're homosexual. Which isn't degrading or anything, its just not the truth) and I just want you to stay happy. I'm happy to listen to you when your angry and plotting the death if someone, or sad and hoping to tear something like paper or a pillow or something, or just your general complaints, and I hope I can help in some way. But I'd rather not get too into detail with myself at all. So...I dunno...I'm done I guess...
MusicAddict4Life MusicAddict4Life
13-15, F
May 22, 2012