I Finally Did!

I love lashings of butter and vegemite on my toast, and I adore half an avocado squashed all over my toast with some cracked pepper sprinkled freely over the top.

So what has all this got to do with a pinky promise?

After several chats with WG about her craving for vegemite with avocado,and it being a delicious snack, she suggested that I give it a try.  I decided that I would, in fact I pinky promised that I would.

But, both these favourites together?  Dare I try it?

Not being one to Welch on a pinky promise, today I have indeed tried the combination of silky smooth avocado, and salty dark vegemite. 

After I spread the toast with vegemite; right to the edge. I then mashed the greeny-yellow avocado on. At first glance the mushing of the two different coloured ingredients was not particularly appealing.  I had a couple of the kids give me funny looks as I sat down to try this new snack, but I continued on, unperturbed by their noises about how “yucky” it looked.

I took a bite and was quite surprised just how well they do go together, after I finished my new found delicious snack I decided that WG did in fact know what she was talking about, in enjoying avocado and vegemite on toast. Now do I tell the kids just how good it is, or do I keep this one a secret so that I do not have to share?

I told you I would try it WG.

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11 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Oh that is SOOOOO wrong!!!!


That would be like saying that peanut butter shouldn't be put into buttered toast...and we know that that is wrong, right Lilly?! ;)

But avocado is surely a butter equivalent?

No, there is no need it's in it already! Thus when we use cocoa in recipes we add to add butter/fats to make it taste fab! We even do this when we add chocolate to recipes despite chocolate already have fat in it! So HA!<br />
<br />
If vegemite had butter already incorporated in it.........I'd still spread my toast with butter...lol

I never spread butter on my chocolate :-)

HA! That's just you ROJ! Still you could say the same thing about coco - have it by itself without the fat and sugar Rojjy! Or even just with sugar...oh yum ;)

I just KNEW that Lilly was a butter + vegemite + avocado person. Really, you'd think the avocado by itself would be butter enough...

The logo is soooo cute.

LOL. *BIG smiles* It's even better with BUTTER, vegemite and avocado. YUM!

The Lou family Avocado budget just went up...