I Shave My *****

I have always hated pubic hair. It's gross and I hated getting it on my fingers when I wash down there. Plus when I started to wear diapers, the pee would get into my pubic hair and it was even more gross so I decided to shave it one day and also the fact I got sick and tired of getting pubic hair on my fingers when I shower. To this day I still shave it and I do it everyday. I find it a lot easier to clean down there and when I put on rash cream.
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looks and feels so much better

the first time i shaved my entire body was nearly thirty years ago. i was working in a pizza shop and my boss would always nag me about getting a shave, which i found hypercritical as he always looked a lot scruffier. so one morning when i got home i thought i have had enough and i asked my late wife betty to help me shave my entire body. when i went to work that night and the boss noticed i had shaved my head he made a comment about it and when i told him about shaving all my body hair of he was surprissed. guess what he never again mentioned about me getting a shave. <br />
when i was totaly shaven i found that i loved the way i felt being hair free and smooth. plus as i liked to cross dress it helped me look a bit better. then when betty nappied me and would treat me as her baby it was only natural for a baby to have smooth hair free body. also betty and a couple of later lady friends admitted they liked me to shave as my body hair would irratate thier skin. <br />
next to shaving my self i also love being allowed to shave a ladies pubic hair and her legs, some thing i have done for virtually every girlfriend i have had, as a couple of them were married to other people when i shaved them caused tier parners to ask questions.

not only do i shave my pubic hair i shave my entire body from head to toe, the thing i do not shave is my eye brows and eye lashes.

Why do you shave it all?