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I'm supposed to because of my religion, but I love it because it's so clean and fresh, and everything feels better that way, too.!
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Hey wordgirl, same here. I love it too.

don,t you itch? I mean my pp is cut not shaved as I am blonde anyway (light hair light pp) but shave!! I would nick my skin sooo much it would become a blood bath lol

wordgirl, you never cease to surprise me! i would love to do that too, 'cause i think it's better hygeine. i tried to do it, but it's hard to see "down there". i didn't know i had cut myself until i peed, then YEEOW!! i can't believe we're talking about this in a forum that thousands read. it's pretty fun tho! :)

do muslim men have to do it too?

It's true that many religious extremists are men. I also think it's not a coincidence that all the major "prophets" in the world have been men. Patriarchy has unfortunately had such profound impact on the world we live in for millenia. I think there have been many great female "prophets" who have gone unrecognized.

Yeah I think that's how a lot of people of different religions feel about those fundamentalists who ruin religion for everyone else.

That's some interesting information. I'm interested in learning about all religions. Islam unfortunately has so much negative press in the US. They don't ever tell the details or history of the religion. Not the mainstream media at least. I think that is very interesting that it's the state and not the religion that is oppressing women.

In your religion is it for males and females or do they just put this burden on the females?

If God/Allah meant his disciples to shave their George (bush) they would have been born with

every 40 days????? wouldn't you just be an itchy monkey by

That was something i did not know and I grew up in South East Asia. Well you learn something new each day.

muslims are required to keep their privates shaved? wow! that's something i didn't know!!!

Cleanliness is godliness :)

Um, ditto!<br />
What religion is this?