What Lies Beneath

For those of you who have seen my pictures, you know that I keep my privates totally shaved. I have done this for a few years because I think that what lies beneath the pubic hair is so much prettier without a scratchy curtain obscuring the view..  The genital region is beautiful to behold, and the skin is so soft and silky to caress; lick, suck and nibble without pubic hair detracting from the experience.  My bareness lets my genital region feel sensations to a fuller extent which I certainly enjoy. Bare genital regions are an invitation to be orally pleasured. My husband shaved his private area for me several months ago, and I don't think he regrets it for a single second. 

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extremely erotic photo and connect to the right attitude

Sadly those of us who are descendents of the bear don't dare try shaving; I did, and I looked really dorky. :-/ And I dread what the bill would be if I were to be foolish or brave enough (take yer pick) to have a full body wax job. BTW, what do they use? Maguire's, Turtle, ArmorAll? ;-)


Winston, you really need to come and visit us!

feels so smooth dsnt it

i do it daily

Looks good. Does your hubby shave you too?? My girlfriend lets me do it to her. Its a game we play. She even watches with a mirror. Thanks. Crowbar

My wife doesn't want to shave because she says it really itches when growing back. Seems like if you use electric razor you could keep it real close w/o this discomfort. How does waxing work? Do hair dissolving products cause irritation? Help?<br />
<br />
BTW justwondering, your picture made a believer out of me - you have a very pretty and tasty looking *****, and none of that detail would have been viewable had it been covered with hair. Please add me, would like to see more of you and hope you will read some of my stories.

If she shaves and lotions faithfully everyday, she shouldn't have the annoying itching. The itching happens when it starts to grow back, not when it's shaved. The lotion is key to keeping the skin hydrated.

I had just started shaving my pubes too and i love it , the feeling of smooth and silky skin down there and the bf loves rubbin a bit of it ;)

Those landing ***** patches are a bit hard to get just right, in my opinion. You have one side almost right, so you trim a little more, then, have to trim the other side to even it out, but, oops-- too much off -take more off the other side, and pretty soon you're shaved bare anyway. lol

Actually a small "landing *****" patch I find a bit more stimulating, but being bare sure makes it nicer to perform oral, nothing ruins the mood like a hair getting stuck in the back side of the mouth.

I just love the convincing pic you have posted for this story...so super sexy! Thanks for sharing...Dc

I agree wholehardedly as I recently went the bald route and love the extra sensation.... and yes I put on lotion after the shave as it heightens the sensitivity and avoids the itch factor

Hmmm...not hard to imagine where my thoughts are today...it's lunch time:-) dc

Exactly what I think. Great photo, too.

I think that the people that don't shave are the people that have not tried being hairless. I really enjoy<br />
oral sex and there is nothing better than making love to a well shaved *****. I keep my **** well <br />
shaved and my wife really enjoys it that way.

agree 100% -love is smooth and it dosent tickle my nose !!

So smooth and looks so tasty ~The proof is in the "puddin" and from the looks of this puddin...it would be a pleasure to have such a succulent dessert. <br />
Your photo is beautiful and nicely done JWI :-) dc

I think you're just lazy if you use my activity log to find the photos-- what ever happened to anticipation, my dear?

I am not in your circle, so I have never seen your pictures, but I agree with you completely. When my wife gave birth to our first child, it was a hospital birth so they shaved her. When she came home she was obviously very sore, so sex was completely out of the question for me, but every chance I got I brought her to shuddering ******* with my lips & tongue, in fact I couldn't keep my mouth off of her ***** while she was bald.

If you shave daily, and remember to put lotion on afterward you shouldn't have any trouble with stubble and/or itching.

I've been going baldie for years now, ever since an old GF came over one evening exclaiming- check me out I'm bald.I spent most of that evening with my face buried in her smooth wet crotch. The following morning she shaved me and I've never went back.

I saved completely yesterday for the first time in a couple years. On day 2 it seems to be more comfortable than initially. I have a bodybare rechargeable rotary razor that is useless in shaving hair, but it is amazing and comfortable when it comes to stubble. So I can be aggressive around the contours, so to speak, without a nick or pinch. I just did a quick touch up and it feels rather fine...

lol, good question. I guess because "publics" just doesn't sound right.

Oh yes! I really think pubic hair is a useless invention.

There is nothing less sexy than having to fish that stray pube out of the back of your throat with a finger. Ack!

I've been waxing for several years (as my pictures show) and will never go back. It cleaner, sexier, and less painful when I run. It sounded like you enjoy how you look shaven. Do you enjoy looking at hair free ***** too?

Oh yeah, i like my guy clean shaven as well!

I agree with you 100%