My Uife Has Been 24/7 For Hore Than 10 Years Nou

First I should say that my wife does have MS and that she is lightly incontinant but most of the time she likes the thickest diapers I can find for her. She says that she only wears them for me cuz she knows I like being put in the wet diapers she takes off.But when she says that she needs to be packaged cuz shes going out and I ask her what she would like to wear. it most always is the thickest we have. Yesterday morning she was very wet when I woke up at 5am,and she wanted to be change.I faped her into a 24/7 with a abina extra huge liner. that is about as thick as you can get with out going to cloth. And she went back to sleep when she got up at 7 and started getting ready for church I asked her if she needed to be changed again and she told me that she was singing in the quire and the diaper she was in wasn;t that wet and the robe she would wear would hide it.So she stayed in that diaper till she got home after lunch. The fun part is when she slips out of a diaper like that and it plops on the floor all warm and wet and she lets me step in and and pull it up, its a perfect fit , just a little tight Than I pull on my jeans and sometimes a onesie and head back out in the yard to work.Well thats eough for now. I have to get to work. By the way that story is true..
wetwikki wetwikki
51-55, M
Sep 10, 2012