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When the first time i saw spouts of hair growing near my vagina, i was like very anxious,i hated the feeling.I cleaned up all pubic hair,it feels so smooth without the hair,sometimes i wonder why did GOD decided to endow us with hair in the pubic region..i have always maintained a clean shaven ***** and i like it that way and it cuts the crap of wearing my panties over a bush of hairs.But i like man with pubic hair,i guess man should have a bit of pubic hair,ladies could do away with it..
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hey pretty lady add me please

Umm, I think you'll find that no bearded sky fairy put it there. It's just a result of good old fashioned evolution. Also, you don't really need it, so shave away and enjoy :)

I hope that clears things up for you.

Dirt catcher that kept infections down before clothing became more efficient and common.

Love a women shaved its just my thing, besides the hair gets into my moult, I don't shave but would in a second if my partner said she wanted me too.

My wife is like that. She likes to keep herself slick but prefers me to have pubs. :o)

I like to keep my boi coochy smooth as silk. I'm having laser treatments to harvest my furry pubic area from my waist down to my jewels. Every where lower I shave. The rest of my body is pretty much naturally smooth, Why shoulldnt my privates match my publics? As far as rash & razor burn goes, use Coochy Cream. Im not kidding thats what its called, It makes all the difference in the world. I got it on line at Remember, moisturize, moisturize & oh yeah moisturize, Let your significant other do it for you, Why should you have all the fun?!?!??

I like to see

i wont mind a run way ***** now and then

I love a clean shaved girl, but I also love my **** and balls best when they have just been's so smooth I can't keep my hands away

I agree but the razor hurts..

Confused. I don't think the razor hurts at all.

I like women without pubic hair, and women who keep it trimmed. Once in a while I see a woman with a hairy ***** that's really sexy. Guess it just depends. Recently shaved my pubes and am liking it smooth. Makes my c..k look larger, too.....

I'm with you .... and completely clean shaven, please. A narrow vertical line of hair or a "V" of hair is ugly in my opinion.

you are oh so right

"i wonder why did GOD decided to endow us with hair in the pubic region."..........<br />
<br />
Could be that it never occurred to God / Nature, that we would be designing a dress for ourselves. <br />
<br />
As philosophy states, Our body by itself is a dress for the soul, and it is we the only creature, who have declared it as uncivilized to appear in God's dress unlike any other creature be it animal or bird. <br />
<br />
So pubic hair is part of the god given designer cloth.. Probably natural protection against weather. We will know once we allow it to grow to its extent.

I love it clean, gives such a smooth experience. But i wouldnt mind a bit of the crop either, not completely shaven but neither full grown too. Just some of it to titillate...

You are very much correct..

Love to see you shaved

I love shaved *******. I think girls love when men is shaved too.

Interesting topic, i must say. I agree with all that have said its a personel thing, and if one is with someone else its a good idea to have a chat about this before doing anything rash or doing nothing at all. I have had a good growth for sometime except around my balls and ba<x>se, but about 8 months ago i decided to shave, at first i took it all off but as it turned out i didnt like the look (im quite big and having no hair makes you look well HUGE) so i decided to go with a brazilian and im loving it. So for any of those men out there that want to change things up, go with a trim and then have fun and enjoy the end result.

I agree. Been shaving since I was about 15 1/2, can't even imagine letting it ever grow back.

I am hairy down there -- and so is my husband -- which is the way we prefer it, but I certainly recognize that different people have different ideas, so I have no problem with people who like it trimmed down nor with people who want to be totally bare. Variety is fine, just as long as I'm not expected to shave my bush.