Recently... For The First Time...

I shaved myself for the first time last weekend... all nice and smooth between my legs now... 
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4 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Wow, quite a change for you Ill bet. There are ups and downs to it in my humble opinion. As a woman I have been waxed smooth and trimmed. I find each has its own advantages. Just enjoy!

cool! do you like it? does she?

That is the best. You will now feel every inch of that tongue as it moves in areas that were once covered with hair. How does it feel now

Yes. I'm hoping that my wife will appreciate having me smooth and will become more orally adventurous. That's the primary reason that I shaved. It's a bit too soon to tell for sure but I think it may be working. I love the feeling... just wish that I didn't need to shave so often.

How cool!!