Smile ^_^

They say "smile and the world will smile back on you", yes!!! sometimes it happened when you smile they smile back on you too,but sometimes they don't.
One thing I've learned when people ignore you and you fill sad, alone, disappointed,stress, out of place, rejected,whatever emotion that make you fill down,
I just smile,whats the point of making your face look heavy? Nothing will change.
But if the pain is so much, it is better to be true to your self than to pretend.
I cry secretly, why? It is not because I don't anybody to see me crying and hurt It's just I fill so comfortable when I cry alone, people need to be alone sometimes, but there are times you need someone to lean on, and in that time I just pray and I fill good again. "Trusting God is the best way to overcome any hardship in life. Keep on smiling, everything will be ok, think positive not negative, if you think negative you will be destroy, friends come and go, even best friend too, but it is better to hope to have a good friend and find them than never, and when you find them take good care of them, best friend are good gift from above they are precious.
Don't destroy trust it is very important... So keep on smiling and have a good day. ^_^
ai2x ai2x
Jan 20, 2013