" I Fill Good Today" ^_^

Last week I had a problem with my friend, we don't talk, I don't look at her either, I fill heavy every time she don't talk to me or say good bye, and I'm afraid to ask her, then I said "God what must I do?" "Help us please......." Then it so happen yesterday it was my cousins birth day I went there and she is also there, we still don't talk but I do really want to talk to her I don't enjoy my food because it is so heavy.........then before I go home before i reach the gate she call me, and I fill great...I smile at her and we talk and we hug each other...then I fill great......."Thank you LORD ! ! !"
And now I fill good so fresh..... I've learned to give more value to my friend and care them more...and love them more...coz they are special gift from above to us...so let us Keep on Smiling !!! Every thing will be alright....
ai2x ai2x
Jan 21, 2013