No Such Thing

The human race was never perfect and will never be perfect. A lot of men are pigs and a lot of women are *****. The go together. It's life, it won't change. Men can't change what women have succeeded at...women's rights are too powerful to halt let alone cease to exist. Men are now fighting for their own they know how of feels.
Although I'd love to see a man with an huge ego crushed...not all men are like that...I'd never want to see my husband hurt on my behalf...neither my dad....
It's an endless cycle that doesn't seem to have a happy medium and will always be a debate between the sexes. Until we fully understand eachother, which I don't see happening in my future; we won't know true peace!
Natalie123ariel Natalie123ariel
22-25, F
1 Response May 22, 2012

These oh so powerful men are most likely the "sissys," and im sure if they were face to face with these men they are calling that they wouldn't be so badass. Go women! Lol! I think men and women should work together. It's better than fighting about who's the stronger sex even tho I think it's not the sex that makes them stronger but the personality! And these strong personalities of MEN AND WOMEN get together and it threatens these people who think they have a certain place or traditional lifestyle that they have to follow...everyone has a chance to be someone great if they find themselves! Thank u for your post!