Reliving My Past

Lately it has been hitting me pretty hard. I seem to almost lose total concentration or thought and begin thinking about the past of mainly when I was in high school. High school for me was one of my most favorite times in my life. I have had some of the best experiences when I was in high school and enjoyed basically every moment being in high school.

I am now in college (my 3rd year) at a community college regretting I didn't take the chance and go to a 4-year University. I know with times like they are now and the economy being in a slump that it is a wise decision to start out at a community college to get all my basic courses out of the way for a cheaper cost. But still something inside of me regrets not going to a major University and getting to have the experience that the college-life has to offer. I guess this could be a main reason I keep thinking about all the times in the past when I was in high school and experiences I had, because in someway I feel I am left behind. Most of all my friends went off to a University after high school and I am still stuck here in the same town going to a community college.

I miss the times in high school when everyone I mainly was friends with were in the same place day after day. Now with everyone going off and starting new chapters in their lives at Universities, I feel I am depriving myself from not attending a University and staying back home to go to a community college. Also, back when I was a senior in high school I had a high school crush that I let slip away. Although she was two grades under me, I lost contact with her after I left high school and never tried to keep those ties close. Now she is already graduated and attends a University in a nearby state. I also tend to think back and miss all those times we shared because I really had feelings for her.

Overall, I guess you could say this is pretty pathetic and would just say "Get over it! It's time to move on with your life!" But it's hard for me to not think back to those memorable, easy times. It almost seems like I am in sort of a "left-behind" depression.

coolguyzdude coolguyzdude
Mar 3, 2009