There's This Cityscape In My Dreams?

I keep revisiting this place in my dreams, or rather, I guess 'dreaming about it' is the less mystical way to put it.

It's this promenade, I guess you'd call it--kind of modern, metropolitan, brick pavement, tables with umbrellas for eating restaurant food. There's an ATM, a Burger King, a Wendy's. I know, that sounds pretty mundane. A walk away there's some kind of college--the layout of the place changes slightly every time I have a dream about this place.

There's a small town a short drive away. Brick-walled buildings, it's built on a hill by a lakeside, there's brick steps for walking up from a boardwalk.

The weird thing is there's a zombie infestation there--I know, that's like throwing a grenade into an otherwise, completely believable real-world scene--which is how I know it's a dream. It's not like say, apocalypse-style, like anything you'd see in thriller movies these days--more like the town is fighting some kind of haunting or infestation, and normal life continues as best it can in spite of the danger and the spookiness. Last night I dreamed of this big town house.. almost a bureau or warehouse in size. Kind of a European flair, like something you'd expect Ebeneezer Scrooge to own.

It was really run-down, missing walls with exposed boarding, lots of crates and stuff stored haphazardly on a large floorspace; people were trying to rehabilitate it into a place that was livable, because the size of the population was such that they needed safe places to stay off the streets. Things seemed to be getting a bit desperate.

When I dream of this place, I know I'm dreaming it, and I know I've been there before. And yet, when I wake up, I wonder if it's just my mind playing tricks, and maybe it's a new dream after all, and I'm just projecting having had it before.

But it's happened many, many times now. For years. I'm sure of it. I wonder what makes my mind put together a place like this?

Sometimes I meet people there that are familiar. My grandfather, once. Still alive mind, so it's not like, say, the plot of Fatal frame III, where people are following the dead in dreams. But it always feels oddly familiar, like that.

Anyhow, I figure this'll provide some entertainment for some bored schmuck, and it was kind of entertaining to relate, so I won't feel too betrayed when this site puts it out for people to see.
HerrVulpin HerrVulpin
22-25, M
Jun 18, 2011