I'm A Runner

I cannot help it.
Every single time I find a guy who is worth my while, meets all my standards and actually loves me...I run!
And I don't mean like I play it off when ever he uses the 'L' word...oh nooo I seriously run, as in disappear *poof* never to be found again.
I end up finding myself avoiding places I love because there might be some guy there who fell in love with
me. I feel like some comic book character who rips out the hearts of Americas most eligible bachelors and
throws them in the garbage. Yet I always complain about being single...huh
Ugh and here is the craziest part...I am a great matchmaker and relationship adviser. I have helped numerous
marriages and relationships all while being the prime example of the worst person in a relationship. I know all the signs, I know all the right moves and I am great at helping people connect, I just have a problem connecting to people.

So yeah...there is my story
vershelz vershelz
22-25, F
Jul 24, 2010