The Lives Of Secrets

secrets walk in the lightness,  secrets walk in the dark,

secrets  walk in the day time and they walk at night

they live in every soul~ live in you and me,

they don't mean us harm you see they're merely the way we're meant to be

secrets are light as feathers, make us laugh and make us bond;

sometime secrets are nasty bombs that may shatter lives

who can say about secrets, no one can really define

something which exist both inside and outside our mind

their grip extends into the real world they live inside our hearts, with secrets as powerful allies we can amend the other kinds

there is so much more to say ,but i am running lost for words

i want to share a thing about me, to those who've really heard

i do have secrets that's for sure, i say without shame or quiver

the secrets in me are as 'clean and Ganges river'

I look inside the eyes of my Goddess and I say you've let me have those secrets and with those i live each day

So the friends i meet on here and people in real life, I get your need for privacy, its every person's right

We all are seeking our redemption seeking some respite in the chaotic flights, and lets remember those secrets that we harbour as guideposts to our lighhouse the one to take us home take us home to our light

they are in me they are in you,

 please remember that my secret is not me

when you look at me don't see the unsaid, be content with what i've shared, for i've been honest , i've not lied and truth is in the grey more than the white.

Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

wow thank you both so much for the glowing words :)) I thought it wasn't so well done and it's nagging me but I may just leave it alone now .<br />
<br />

Well said