Starting Seeing 111 And Bad Luck Has Followed Me Ever Since.

I have been seeing 111 and sometimes 1:11 or 11:11 so often and in so many weird ways that I have yet to find a single account as outragious as what I have experienced from anyone anywhere on the interent or any place else. It would simply be too lengthy to explain just what I mean here. I often read people attribute this number to some divine message from God. Others say it is a warning about the coming of the end times or of the Devil. 111 x 6 = 666 . I was an extremely devout christian for many years. A true christian, humanitarian, a giving and caring person. I fell very ill in 1993 with a severe illness the medical community spent 17 years trying to diagnose but could not. I had to go on state aid and had not worked for some time. About 7 years into this illness I began seeing the number 111. in the first few months I was seeing it at least 20 times a day and not that often on a clock. One example is I had picked a friend up and we were hanging out and I told him about this. We were in my living room watching something on TV when the person in the film said “There is something up there in room one eleven”. They go upstairs to investigate and the camera pulls inward to a door that has the number 111 on it. At that very moment the phone rang. It was 1:11 am as I turned and walked toward the phone. Later that night I was taking him home and on our street there was a realty sign in a yard down the street that said something like “To contact agent Lisa Kedrick call xxx-xxx-xxxx ext 111.” When We got to his apartment complex, you had to put a four digit code into the gate. When I did, it would not work then the message “Error: Code 111 reset” popped up. This is the constant experience I have had with this number. Ever since it began I have experienced pretty much nothing but bad luck and bad health, and tragedy. My christian faith slowly has faded to nothing over the 5 years. I finally found out much of my suffering was caused by accute candida infection and poisons being released through tiny holes in my intestines and effecting the brain and other organs. 3 years ago I was pretty much cured of it but still suffer sometimes very debilitating intestinal issues. Prayers haven’t not been answered over anything, things just get worse and worse, and it’s begining to become very difficult for me to see the spiritually positive meaning in this number. So I am seriously begining to doubt the widespread belief that it’s a message from angels or a spiritually positive thing. Despite my suffering I have become a very active member of Amnesty International, I am also a very active humanitarian concerning the genocide in Sudan and Darfur. I am a caring and loving person. But also often find my self feeling angry, bitter and cheated that I have spent so many years of my life suffering. I am 51 now. I have not dated anyone in over 17 years because of my health, never been married, no children, and very limited prospects. Lately things are looking extremely bleak. In the last 6 years I have lost 7 friends to cancer, 2 to automobile accidents, and 1 to suicide. Before this I was the lead singer in a semi- successful rock band. Considered physycally attractive, friendly, considered a very likeable person, a good friend, and even tempered. A good one for advice to go to. I cannot understand the positive meaning in seeing this number, or any spiritual one unless it’s a warning of some kind. Nothing but very bad luck has followed me ever since it began. I believe it’s some kind of communication from alien intelligences or it’s of a nature of evil. My experience does not suggest a godly meaning at all.

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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I have been experiencing the 11:11 and 111 phenomenon in June and again in November. At first I thought it was messages from the angels and some awakening code or warning. It is possible it may be all three and a test of our faith. I say this because I have no job and now facing eviction. Despite all this I will continue to be faithful and know that good will come after all of this and it makes me stronger.