I Keep Seeing 111 !

 Hello out there, to anyone who may see my story. I have to start out saying that I am simply amazed at what has happened to me recently. I'm not one to be superstitious, I don't go to psychics, I don't do that whole scene. I'm Christian, but do believe there is something important about numbers perhaps, especially after what I have experienced lately  :) .. So it started about three weeks ago. I started seeing the number 1:11 or 11:11 whenever I glanced up to check the time. I thought it was funny, i'd chuckle to myself. Then it started happening ALL the time! I figured I was somehow unconsciously training myself to look at the clock at the same time during the day. NOT! I have since started seeing the number 111 EVERYWHERE! It like, bombards me, and it's awesome. I don't have a negative or anxious feeling about it.. it's actually really cool. I was driving to L.A. the other day and saw 111 on (2) license plates in the matter of a two hour drive. I put my book down the other day, noting that I stopped reading on page 111. The other day I was at the pool at this resort, and a man behind me told the cocktail waitress to charge his bill to his room, "suite 111." It started happening so often that I started showing my mom proof of it whenever the number would pop up, and she totally agrees that it's no coincidence. Tonight was the first night I actually researched the number. I googled it, and came up with SO much stuff! I mean, I think this number is special, there is just So much!! I read something on a site that the number 111 is very much associated with Jesus, and more specifically, his birth. It has to do with metaphysics, and complicated stuff I don't understand. But the examples the site gave me were staggering. I have been going through some really amazing changes, and a new personal phase in my life (not to get too mushy) .. and I feel like I'm in the middle of really carving out a new identity and future for myself. I stumbled upon this site and found that someone had posted this:

" 111 - This sign is used to indicate that your thoughts are related to the start of a new cycle in your life. What you are thinking about doing or changing is correct for the new phase of your life.

111, 1111 - These signs indicate that your thoughts are correct for the new cycle of your life and they are on your Spiritual Path. Continue with and follow these, as these thoughts relate to a new cycle in your life that is on your Spiritual Path. "

I mean, if that isn't awesome, I don't know what is. I wonder if others, like myself, who keep seeing 111, are also going through similar life changes ?? It would be interesting to find out? If so, feel free to share, I'd love to hear. As soon as I started reading up on this, I felt a huge warmth, and giddiness go through my body. I for one, know that there is so much out there that we don't know .. but what I do know, is that Jesus loves you, and he loves me .. and I feel like he has just used my seeing the number 111, to really seek him out, and to reassure me that I am headed on the right track. Please feel free to comment if you'd like   :)    

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This is so awesome! Thank you for your words, this is so me! I am a christian n my life has been a mess since the loss of my 31 yrs of marriage. This number 111 i always see store, clocks it is everywhere. This is why i googled it for! It is a spiritual awakening i am having positive changes in my life! There is definantly something going on. I went to my husbands grave sunday and really prayed about selling our house and been getting ready for rummage its like god is showing me how to get rid of alot of stuff. Thanks

Hi, I just saw this post and wow me too! I keep seeing 111 everyyyywhere! I noticed after a while also that I pause songs on my iPod at exactly 1:11. Not just pause but move on to the next track, as though I have an attention span of 1:11. I started seeing the number a couple of years ago and I still don't know for sure what it all means. Sometimes it seems to happen more often then other times… I guess I'm still trying to figure things out.

i am also feeling same thing. Daily at least i will see 111 in 3 or 4 times.
1. Mostly the time 11:01,11:10,01:11
2. Incoming call (phone number followed by 111)
3. Car number
4. i was travailing in a Bus, beside guy is reading the 111 page number
5. By end of the month my bank balance is 111
6. My mobile balance is 111
7. One day snacks bill 111
8. My mail inbox is 111

Im seeing them too man...not only in the clock...but every where I go...and in the past two weeks...ive been seeing them triple the amount of times....just the number 111 and 1111...and im from Saskatchewan Canada

I started seeing this number last fall, just as I moved out of my house I shared with my husband and we filed divorce papers. I had already begun to focus more on my spirituality to help me through this tough time but didn't relate the numbers to what I was going through until finally, tonight, I had to google this 1111 phenomenon. It's been a solid 7 months of me seeing this now and it's undeniable I've been on a higher and healthier path but a very unfamiliar and new one, as I basically feel I'm starting over with finding my identity and loving myself and letting go of the toxic relationship I was in. I also find all of this fascinating and uplifting and I like the theories I've heard about angels and spirit guides, as I believe my deceased sister is my guardian angel, and I've been wondering for years why she hadn't manifested herself to me. Now I believe she has been letting me know all along, I just didn't realize what the signs meant. Amazing!

This number haunts me to this day, I see it all the time! I will be microwaving something and will push the + 30 seconds .. it will add up to 111. My odometer will be 111, clocks 111. I turned a calculator on one time, and it displayed 111.. I tried to recreate the situation with the calculator and its impossible. DVD players, Stop Watches.. you name it I notice it. Now for me its not a good thing.. almost always after something tragic or awful happens. I saw 111 before my dog died, I wrecked my car and 1:11 am (almost died) . My grand father died in room 111. I can go on and on about this.. it truly haunts me.

I have never noticed numbers before last year. I started seeing 111 constantly , after about a month it bothered me so much I finally told my husband (who doesn't believe in anything) to my shock he said me too. This continued for another month or so. One day we got the news my father in law passed away,leaving all arrangements to us. After the funeral was over I went to the calendar to document the day he died and I about fell over and started crying when I realized he passed on January 11-111. This is not a cool thing for us it scares me to death anytime I see any of these numbers now. Afterwards we both started seeing 1111

I started seeing 111 in 2009 after my mother passed away, A month after we were headed to florida for vacation and it started with a tractor trailer going passed and on the back of trailer it said one of three , then the mile marker sign 111 and ever since. I was born on the first my daughter was born on the first and my mother that never got to see her granddaughter passed on the first.

What is surprising is that you're happy to let someone else's interpretation of a number rule your life. Is it scientific? No. What you ar doing is relinquishing power over your life to outside forces. If you want a new chapter in your life, it's yours for the taking. Right here. Right now, and you don't need anyone's permission. Do it.

ive seen these 111 an 1111 every where myself,your not still sratching my head.i do feel a higher presence tryn to prepare or tell me smthng.butnot sure wht yet.i think smthg big an good is cming person described it like the mountain in close incounters,kind of crazy..guess we ll knw whn the time is rite.i just got a phone was 11:11 ,very staticy,had to call the person back.clear then.i was responding to this whn call came in.???? 1111.crazy! Lol

Hey Katey86 I have something that would add more to what you're talking about.Here what you do,take the last two digits of the year you were born and the age you would be in 2011.And when you do this your answer should either 111 or 1111.You know you can get the same result if you do this with everyone you know or related to.Its kinda hard to explain all of this.Like my example right here: Birthdate Yr.87plus the age 24 =111. Or my home address 1101 in which if you remove the 0 you would get 111. All that I can say is that it has a meaning and whatever it is drives our curiousity like wildfire.

Hi juanderotinsley2010,

I also have been plagued with seeing 111 constantly. I did you math with my birth year and my two children and we all come out as 111. Can you shed any more light on this phenomenon?

Thank you to Tonityl and wishwing, finally I am getting an answer regarding what seeing 111 means!! I have been seeing 444 for years now since my father passed away and I went through the 222 and 555 numbers also. I tend to see 444 the most and at stages I will see it constantly for awhile, even waking up from a deep sleep at 444 in the morning, and then it will not be so intense. I believe this is happening to let me know my father is still with me and my angels and guides are watching over me also.<br />
Lately I have been seeing 111, especially when I am around or have just spoken to or visited a certain friend of mine. We have both gone through some rough times and although we are very different I have known her since we were 13yrs (we are both turning 40 soon) so we have a history which is why I am still friends with her. I have been feeling I am in a rut at the moment and I need to break away from her negativity as even though I don't agree with how she thinks or lives her life at times, I still feel for her and am there for her but the support isn't reciprocated enough. I recently left her sister's house as they are not as close now for the same reasons and I got into my car and sure enough the clock said 1;11!!! Is this meant to mean I'm right to distance myself from my friend or is it a sign to say, "it's ok you will all be alright, have faith"? <br />
If anyone can give me a straight up answer, ( not cryptic or an answer that pretty much tells me nothing) please please do so. I would love to know. x

i hope thats what it mean ive been seein 111 everywhere clock cerel boxes, went 2 islands adventure w my new boyfriend n we happend 2 park on row 111 n than when we got a locker 4 are stuff it poped up 111. is that crazy or what! ibeen telling my boyfriend bout it n he didnt believe until that that day. lol its weird but whatever it is i hope its not bad?

Well katey86, i am really impressed on how you put all that together in an explanation, Hats off to you i couldn't have explained it better myself. It is one of those things that is so hard to describe! Like you i keep seeing it, and try as i might to not look at the clock, it appears, even 22:22 and 4:44 stuff like that. I wrote an article in are you an Elevener ? It freaked me out at first, because when i read it in a magazine in bed, i put my magazine down in front of me and i swear to god the digital clock said 11:11 (this was at night) - i freaked turned my light off then on as i couldn't believe my eyes, and since that night - i see it ssoooooo often, and yes i am going thru major change in my life, not wanting to be with my husband anymore, and i know this is a sign from the angels that i am on the right path !!!<br />
<br />
But do look up if u get a chance what i wrote about it. love and light x

This has been happening to me now for a few months. The number 111 is popping up everywhere. Like you I just laughed at it at first then I started to take it a bit more seriously, realising there was no coincidence. Tonight I thought I would look into it, really wanted to know if things are gping to be ok or if I am going to die soon!!!! Glad to know I am being looked after by a greater force.<br />
<br />
I was driving from South of England to the North West 2 days ago and saw the number no less than 6 times, including the miles to go on my sat nav and the amount of miles I had left in my petrol tank!!!! That is when I decided to really delve into this.<br />
<br />
Anyway, everytime I see it noe I will know things are going to be great and I am being cared for.<br />
<br />
Greetings fro a cold and wet England by the way.

wao, thats is so amazing, but that would scare the hell outa me cos i am pretty pessimistic. would love a change in my life too