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I See The The Number 33 Everywhere!

The number 33 has for some reason made itself noticeably present in my life for over a year now. It first started out that I would only see it maybe once a day on a clock or on the television or in newspaper, but consistently enough that I recognized it. Gradually, these sightings began to increase in frequency, reaching the point to where I am now seeing the number at least 10 times a day. The number has been presented to me in many ways; on billboards, license plates, in movies, on digital clocks, on receipts, food and beverage containers, etc.

It is weird trying to explain my experience to other people because they don't understand how strange it is. The first thing they do is throw the confirmation bias argument at me. They say I am looking for the number 33 and that is why I see it so much. Trust me; I thought it was that at first too! I actually spent several days trying to see other number patterns. I spent days trying to see the number 22 everywhere. No success. I then spent several days trying to avoid the number 33. I didn't read newspapers, turned all my digital clocks around so that I could see them, however it still appeared to me in sneaky little ways. For example, during one of those days of attempted avoidance, the number 33 showed up at the end of a phone number that called my cellphone. The caller had the wrong number, but called twice! That same day I filled up my cars gas tank at a gas station and the total came to $33 dollars and change. I didn't look for those numbers; they showed up in places that were unavoidable.

Furthermore, the number 33 is my birth month and birth day added together (December 21), it is at the end of my social security number, my college i.d. number ended in 33, my passport number has the number 33 in it. No other number patterns show up within my birthday, college i.d., or passport numbers. I've looked for them!

I can't seem to find a meaning to all of this. Numerologist call it a master number, but what does that really mean? Why is it making itself known to me in such a drastic way?

I'd like to hear others opinions on this. As well as others experiences with the number 33.
TheNumber33 TheNumber33 22-25, M 75 Responses Dec 21, 2010

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I see it all the time also. Its freaking me out slightly. I would appreciate if we could discuss this further. Im in Scotland and just as I googled it and found this page, someones birthday on Facebook notified my apple desktop it was the persons 33rd birthday. :/

Hey, I know what 33 means to me. Oh ya...I too have number 33 calling to me. It has been this way for over 20 years now. I am trying to make a website that will describe what I have found out, at least how I see number 33 in my life. The website will be but I am having a tough time trying to not sound like a complete dum dum with how I see it. Oh well I mostly wanted to say your are not alone and this is a real thing for sure. Much Love your way. Doug

I have been seeing 3:33 for over ten years very strange things happen when I see this number its almost like I hit a growth spurt when I see this number I always feel a certain way when I see it I'm not affiliated with any religion but am spiritual but there is something to the 3:33. I hope it clears itself up with time. I have always wanted to know what it means

Your all so fortunate to see 33 everywhere . 3 is such a happy number on its sde it resembles a bird in flight two is two birds flying together . So someone is always there . Very comforting . Turn one three around and join the two together gives you the eternity symbol . Wow . And the fact you dont have to look to far , it comes to you says you deserve happiness . Accept the 33 and youll have happiness for eternity. Lucky you

It's strange how common this is. I used to see 33 all the time when I was in high school and it's recently starting to come up again. I didn't even realize that it's in my sin # as well as my phone number until I just read this and made the connection.

I see 33 and 13 numerous times a day why idk but its driving me crazy why am I seeing this so much and before that I was constantly seeing 666 everywhere not anymore

I also used to see 666 everywhere before it changed to 33.

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I have been seeing the number 33 since the last 6 years and I believe that I have finally cracked the code. I won't let it out because the great Lord is testing you. Just one piece of advice. No matter which religion you are into, everytime you see 33, just pray to the lord. The great lord will be thankful to you.

It's been months since I first started seeing 33 or 333 everywhere.. And I seem to be alone when I see it as a negative thing speaking through spirituality. 3+3=6; 3+3+3=9; 9~6. If you've ever seen the movie The Number 23, you know how crazy this kind of thing can drive a person. But I'm far more spiritual than that. I'm starting to think it's the enemy trying to drive me insane. I never look for the number, it's just literally everywhere.

I am obviously here because I googled the question " Why am I seeing the number 33 everywhere?" It's good to learn that I am not crazy. I too believe that this is some sort of guiding force. It seems to be trying to show/reassure me of something, but I am never sure about what that is. I do not have any proof, it just feels that way.<br />
As many of you have said, I am a spiritual person but do not associate with a religion. I use to, before I realized that it's much bigger than that. Hopefully some day it will all become clear to me/us. <br />
BTW-I just moved to a new home with a #6909. But my last house was #321 on 33rd St. I started seeing 33 just before my 33rd bday.

I have been seeing this number consistantly throughout the last 8 months. Alot of positive changes have happened throughtout this period of time, I found my faith in god and have become alot more spirtual. I have tried meditation to see if I could connect with whatever the cause of this number was but it doesnt really seem to be working (im assuming I need more practice). But still I keep seeing it. Just a hour ago I woke up from a really strange sorta creepy dream and when I woke up I checked my phone and it was 2:33. I know its there for a reason and I just want to find out why and what to do with it. <br />
Also people have been mentioning bellow about the number 21- My birthday is the 21st of june. Weirrrd

I think it's wierd how we all see the number 33 and I also keep seeing the number 21 pop up on this page. the 1st post that started this posted it on December 21 and your bd is dec. 21. another person said her bd was on the 21st and my bd is also on a 21st day too. could it be something to do with that?

Your bday is Dec 21. 12/21. 2+1=3...33

I have been seeing the number 33 the past few years. I wake up in the middle of the night and its 3:33 am. I put in a land line at home and the last four digits were 1330. I got a cell phone and the last 4 digits r 3367. My new tags came in and the last 4 numbers are 6333. I dont know what this means but I know it cant be a coincidence. I try not to see the number but then it appears in cars that pass me , receipts , I hear someone ask what time it is and it'll be 733am. I cant believe im not alone. I tried explaining it to my friends but they think I'm crazy.

My friends make fun of me because of it and now they are jokingly see the number 33 too and then laugh at me. Just leave umm making a foul out of themselves. haaa

I have just noticed this site after Googling to see if I was the only one. It shows up everywhere. If I happen to look at the clock it will be 33 minutes past the hour. I have it as part of my account number on all important papers and I too thought it was something to do with my birth date. One day I just noticed it appearing everywhere!!!

I see it too! I have for years.
As I write this I was watching TV and 33 was prominent 5 times in two hours.

Hi... I see the number 33 on every thing, like digital clocks...
I want answer for this....
Please help me...... :-( :-(

It won't stop, you won't find out why it is appearing.

I am lost child of Christ, and when i left Christ, i found a card in the bus and it says: be faithful and i'll give you eternal life, its from the Revelation! And after that the number 33 is showing to me everywhere man. It drives me crazy

I believe this is a connection to the spiritual world. I lost one of my cousins in September after his 6 year battle with cancer. He would always talk about how he would always see the number 333, at first we disregarded it and believed it just had something to do with the heavy drugs he was on because of his condition, however ever since he has passed my whole family and I have been seeing it everywhere! We looked up the meaning and it means that angles are surrounding you, and that God is telling you to follow him. I don't see 333 a lot, but I see 33 every single day multiple times. I'm a very logical person, I don't believe in many spiritual things but a coincidence is no longer an excuse for how much I see this number, sometimes it even scares me. Since his death I have become an extremely spiritual person with a lot of epiphanies. Maybe is has something to do with him, he is the angel that is surrounding me. All in all, I think it has a beautiful meaning behind it. It should be related to 333.

The exact same thing is happening to me now. I also have tried to avoid it but it follows me throughout the day and night for over a year now. It is getting crazy!!! Iv'e looked it up but there could be many reasons but cannot narrow it down to MY reason. Why? What?

today is october 13, 2013, just realized that has two 3's in it. I have also been seeing 33 everywhere lately. I think it has been happening for over 3 weeks or so. I am mostly seeing it on clocks only. It has begun to freak me out and i cant avoid it as much as i want too. Hopefully it is a sign from god. I hope it is. I feel like the end is near and i hope all good souls go to heaven

Blessed are those, who are called unto the supper of the Lamb's slain for his name's sake and these things saith I who has the seven spirit's of the Most high Father, with the seven stars upon thine hand which hast kept his word, with much patience, who was first and now is last. I pray you all strengthen that which remains, and hold fast so no one take's your faith. The true faith, The word of God, for if you Love the law that God gave to my brother Moses, saith the Word that come from he that lovest all the children, who was there on the mountain when the law was given , that would lead us away from our evils. For the Lord's coming is almost knocking upon thy door, stay strong and remember how we received the Gospel truth from a Thief in the middle of the night, know ye that the law is for thee, you children of the wicked who shall not prevail the least of all who know the name of him that is most high. For remember the law for I hast a name that livest and art dead as well. 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Where'd this text come from?

i can see no. 3 everywhere and ican also see some words written on my forehead
i saw this when i wasn checking my pic
i saw no 300 on ma forehead and i saw something like sou written on ma left or righ corneer of my forehed
next morning i checked ma forehead in mirror and i can see the same imprints of 300 on ma forehead

i see 33 often when i look at my clock. it happens and happens again. seems to me it is some chronology in my mind. and often when i drive and remember that i always notice number 33 i see cars with numbers containing 33. 733, 033, 133 etc.

I started seing it as well. It's strange. What's happening?

This is crazy I see 33 everywhere!! I've been seeing it for a while now, over a year. It first hit me when I was seeing it bad just after I lost my big brother! He passed away several months .later I find out my brother made his last phone call at 3:33.. This is what makes me believe this is spiritual. I agree with most of you We are here for a purpose we are all unique and this 33 is a messege from god! .. Its hard to try and piece things together to get an answer as the whole thing already seems unreal! But believe in this! Don't ignore it! .... Just something that really shocked me is I take the same route home everyday! The one day I looked at the floor there was 33 engraved into the concrete!! There doesnt seem like a logical reason for this ? So why was it there? I would of noticed before < If your ment to see it and ment to be, you won't be able to help noticing this! But work to what you think is right! I believe that its a spiritual messege to make a positive effect on our lifes!! Good luck all!..

Right so i was just making my account so i could post this.. I typed in my DOB which for some reason changed too 19933 haha

This is to 33positive...

I lost my little brother almost 8 months ago. He passed away between 3 and 4am.
I have been on a spiritual journey for the past year now, I am not sure if this is a message from the Ascended masters, or if it's a message from him. I am more inclined to believe that he is giving me a message now that I read your post. It's a strange coincidence, as I was looking for answers and I found this heart almost stopped when I read that you lost your brother and he passed away at around the same time my brother did.
Strange things keep happening I see it almost every hour now...I have been picking up my phone and it just happens to be at 33 past the hour. I stopped the microwave at exactly 33 seconds the other day. I tried to not see it, but it keeps I had an orientation with someone at work, and they had a tattoo of 8333 on their wrist.
I know this is a sign ...the 33's are taking over my life. When I was meditating I asked for a sign... and then went to sleep....I dreamed of this man I met recently who is VERY spiritual and he was trying to help me find the answer...I then emailed him to tell him about my experience and the dream, and he said that a few years ago he kept seeing the same number over and over and tried to figure out what it was...I am so shocked at these coincidences that I must find out the answer to this. Sometimes I wonder if I am also going to die soon and maybe it is a sign from my brother and God, or or angels, or something and they want me to get the message before it happens. I am not sure, I am kind of confused and know I have to find out what this means. I have been trying to find my brother as I miss him so badly...and would do anything for a sign that he is okay...I really hope that this is it. If anyone would like to share with me please email me...we can try and figure this out together. Much love and respect to everyone...God Bless.

I am experiencing this too and i see it 10 times a day too ! People calling me crazy and i am suffering the samething as you ! btw my Birthday is July 21. There is something telling me i need to find what that mean ! Just in my video game called Darkfall Unholy Wars most of my item in my bank stoppped at 33, that s scary ! Continue to look foward !

I have been experiencing this weird and scary phenomenon for about 8 years. However, I believe God is giving a message of some kind and I believe it is related to a blessing. March of 2013 didn't bring anything major but I keep seeing 133 313 1133 331 and all the configurations or jus 33....

hei, i'm going through exactly the same frineds just laughed at this so there is no point in telling it to anyone(my opinion)i'll just try to figure out what it means.Recently i have made facebook page,and even there in the link it's the only two numbers 33.

When I was about 25 I had a dream that my mother had a reading done and was told that I would die at 33. In the dream I was very upset about her telling me this but knew that it didn't mean physical death. I have thought about that dream from time to time but never focused on it too much or too often. Then last year I started seeing it every where. I told no one about it because I was so fearful. I was 32 and about to turn 33 in November... The same as most of you, I see it everywhere. All throughout each day. I finally had to tell someone. I told my mom. She didn't know what to think about it. I would point it out if we were together. She couldn't believe it. Soon after telling her we were at a store getting cards for a birthday. I picked the card I was gonna buy and grabbed the envelope and handwritten on the envelope, in blue pen was 33. We were freaked out. I decided to google it tonight and I'm amazed at how many people are experiencing this. It gives me comfort. I've been 33 for four months and I still see it constantly. And although I can't help that slight fear in the back of my mind, part of me knows its something big.

yeah me 2 i have the same thing with number 32 . I see it everywhere but the only significance that I can tell is that it was my Dads fav number but he has been dead for yep 32 years

oh wow! did you get a response to this? for the past month this number has been following me EVERYWHERE - AND i have the SAME BIRTHDAY AS YOU!