I Also Keeping Seeing Triple Numbers

too see these numbers all the time......I can't seem to pinpoint when they started though...but I have had times where two nights in a row I wake up seeing triple numbers....3:33 and then 4:44 the next night....and the issue I have with this is that my clock is NOT the right time....I set my clock fast in my bedroom.....and the other thing is that when I wake up I immediately look at the clock.....not wake up and then casually look at it.....it's as though I was made to look at the clock......I have been seeing triple number digits for years now....and once I tell someone about them they also notice them and call me to tell me....some people just happen to text me at 3:33...this is not unusual for me...this number seems to be the most popular....but I see others as well ....4:44...11:11...I gave up trying to figure out what it means ....the best explanation has been that my angels are telling me that I am on the right path in life....that they are guiding me and letting me know that they are around me....it at least makes me feel better than to think they are some evil omen.....LOL....whatever it is, does it really matter??....my life has not been a bed of roses even while seeing these numbers...I just accept them as a part of my life.....I do wish they meant riches and love and happiness were going to shower me....BUT I'm alive, I feel, I breathe, I love,
I share, I laugh, I experience ....and that's all that matters to me!!....so don't fret the numbers.....just feel the peace in knowing they may be angels
telling you that no matter what happens ....good or bad....you are loved!!!!
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1 Response Oct 30, 2010

I can relate to what you are saying so much so when I first started to read your post I wasnt sure if it was an old post that I may have posted lol.