Divine Truth

I'm Scott Ware
I'm a Minister living in Littlerock California
I've been having visions all my life and they have always been correct.
I'm also clairvoyant and just know things about people, i don't know how but its there.
I was born may 3rd 1963 i'm 48 now and as of this year my visions and dreams are very disturbing and hopeful.
My mother was born on July the 3rd 1933 and also my grandmother was born on the 3 rd they all also passed away on the 3rd
I've been drawing and writing for months now from the visions and dreams
I have also seen many inventions some lifesaving that need to be made.
at the first of the year i was visited by 3 solid GOLDEN people they talked to me only in our minds for what seemed to be all night.
Telling me of many things about humanity and life itself.
They said that everything we know is in 3's from our DNA to our afterlife.
they said laughing at me it's been right under your nose's all the time.
i have pages and pages of drawings and writings.
They even have explained the history of man and our first origins.
we came from a place if light to this place then we go back carrying all of our info back to the light source.
we are infinite and all the same creatures of the same life source.
I've been studying this since they told me to do this and show the world the truth about all of us.
this Quest has taken me all over the world.
there is a line around the center of the earth that is very powerful for the psychic conections we have in all of us.
this is some of the things i have see.
orions belt is 3 stars
Jesus was 33 when he went to heaven in 33 AD
without the father (1)
and the mother (2)
there would be no (3) son of man.
the number 3 runs through everything we know and all we are in all of human history for all times
The number THREE was giving to man as a divine gift from GOD for the Trilogy of our genetic code.
little more about myself is something i'm not wanting to share with anyone because it's so odd. but here it is.
when me and my brother was 8 and 9 we where walking down a country road and it was getting late in the day about
dusk 6pm when all of a sudden we both looked us and the whole sky turned white.
the next thing we knew is we where both running home as fast as our little feet could carry us,
to our amazement 2 hours had passed in what seemed like 10 mins.
we couldn't understand what had happened to us and being children no one listened to us.
This year my brother passed away we where 11 months apart. The night he passed away he came to me beside a bright tunnel
and said (DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME.)
I know that was because God let my brother tell me that so i wouldn't worry about him.
I have hundreds of story's like this from my whole life.
They also told me that there was going to be a completed concance shift the year 3333 the 3rd day the 3rd month of the 3rd year at 3.33 am
I've been told about the magnetic forces around the earth.
from my own conclusions i have found out that we live in our own detentions inside our own body's only i know my life and only you know yours it's your detention.
I was told that magnets can heal the body .
i was also lead to Edward Leedskalnin's invention in Florida.
transforming large stones with magnetic energy to weightlessness
i believe im and Oracle.
since these Visions at the beginning of the year i have become a Minister. I have to tell you this last week my sofa lifted and shook me violently.
I quickly went outside and blessed the house and the land around it.
There are more and more ORB'S at our house every night
believing only in HOPE and LOVE.
I've never asked for help but PLEASE.
i'm only telling you what i see and know.
I also wake up every night at 3:00 am 3:30 am. or 3:33 am.one of those times always.
sometimes in the night i know something is there in the shadows.
I have allot of drawings and writings.
49 years of these Visions leaves a sad man with no one understanding me. I fell so alone.
Minister Scott Ware
scottware86 scottware86
46-50, M
4 Responses May 26, 2012

every march (3rd month) i wake up around 333 in the morning everyday at practice i check my fone st 333 and i see the number like 3-4mtimes a day my siser was born at 333 in the afternoon and im like haunted by this number i just wanna no the truth behind it

I just finished my book it is about a ministers 3rd eye visions and our connections with self and GOD The book is called From The Ashes by Scott E Ware

Hi, As a lightworker I to am great believer of numbers. I see number 8 and number 3 and just recently I am seeing the star symbol everywhere. On the peoples bags, tshirts, shapes, - I am not sure what I am being directed to. I have asked but the answer has not been given - just more number 3s and star symbols. Can you help?

Your Guardian angels are trying to leed you to something important trust your instincts and you will be shown what you need to know. the number 3 is in everything we know as humans and even in our DNA. the number 8 on it's side id the symbol for Infinity It looks like you have GOD on your side forever good JOB

I was born October 16 1993 and I was looking up stuff that connected with me and turn out a whole lot, like from my ratio number being exactly .13 on the Venus calendar of my birth date for which is really really uncommon "rare"<br />
My Devine number is 7 which is the number of god, oct 16 being the same day of the start of libra and was also born of the year of libra which my home planet is Venus which is also consider lucifer's the morning star , so in a way the Mayan where not worshiping the sun god it was actually "lucifer"(which also Jesus is called meaning light Bearer) and look up the flower of life , after learning on my own everything suppose to happen for a reason , I think I was place on this earth for a reason like everybody ,but until that day time comes I wait