I will share my experience with this here. Some of the content I realize people wont agree with but I'm a little shaken up/amazed right now and want to share.

I am im a long term relationship with a married man. I have noticed 333 many times and this started not long after I became involved with him.

I took a trip out of state over the weekend and happened to be going to the state my MM is from. He told me what town he grew up in and I decided to detour through on my way home. Imagine my surprise when I saw the exit for this town was-you guessed it-333. So i decided to look up 333 and its meaning. I wasnt really paying attention to the links clicked the first one that popped up with Google. It brought me to EP. I just joined EP less than a month ago to be able to talk about my relationship with my MM. Never knew this site before that. 333 is still attaching itself to him.

The VERY STRANGEST thing to me is that, I google searched again and the EP link is no longer the first link on the page when searching 333.

So I don't know what to think of this. Im very lost and can't wrap my head around it. I havent yet read the meaning behind 333, but I have no doubt it somehow relates to my current relationship.

PLEASE don't be too harsh with your judgements. I know its not conventional and many will look at me with disgust. I'm just looking for explanations at this point. It can not just be coincidence.
Georgiasgirl Georgiasgirl
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I think 333 is "mocking the trinity", which is enjoying your sinning. I was really going down the wrong path when I constantly saw the number. I also believe my home may have been haunted. Now that I've moved and am behaving, I don't see it. I also think evil forces are trying to disturb you, making you worry about seeing 333. Don't let it worry you.

Hi Georgiasgirl. I really sympathize with you. Certainly adultery is a sin, however, as Romans 3:23 says, "all have sinned and fall short of the glory (or salvation) of God". I think God has chosen this particular time in your life to confront you (and lovingly invite you) because He knows that your mind is open now and searching for understanding and wisdom in association with your MM problems. See Ezekiel 33:3 & Jeremiah 33:3. Also, you might check out my "Invitation#333" at EP 'I Keep Seeing 333'. - Whatever you do, please be weary of those believing in angel numbers, mysticism, etc. - Satan really does prowl around like a roaring lion seeking whom he my devour! May God Bless You.

This happens to me all the time. Embrace it. It's a good number. It's lucky.

Yeah. But HOW does it relate and what does it mean? This is what confuses me.

FYI-i just got my "trophy" for posting my 3rd story. Geez. 3's everywhere. Just very mind-boggling.