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I became aware of the number 333 about 15 years ago.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and the clock would read 3:33.  Receipts would be in the amount of $ 3.33, etc.  I still, all these years later, at age 31, see the number 333 nearly every day (most days I see it 3 times).  I began searching for answers all those years ago and stumbled on some web site I've not been able to find since which stated that the number 333 was a spiritual number and meant that ascended masters through various faiths were with me.  Many have pointed toward the Trinity through the Christian faith.  I am very much drawn to an idea of Christ consciousness, though would not consider myself completely Christian. I am very spiritual though I believe religion is a way to tap into a source of Divinity which transcends religion. IE: I believe there are many paths to a greater power and Christianity is ONE of those paths.  I do not believe what is fed to me and have pieced together a sort of patchwork spirituality based on parts of various religions and philosophies which works for me. 

I don't know exactly what the number 333 means. Many people have told me to play the number in the lottery. I know that doing so would somehow cheapen and degrade this phenomenon which I hold to be very special.  I do get a sense of peace from the reoccurance of the number.  I believe it has created a vertical connection between my maker and myself.  It is like a tangible affirmation from the universe to me that there is much unseen behind the curtain of human existance.  Seeing the number fills me with awe and love and peace.  It sort of says, "You are not alone. Something greater than what you can see is guiding you and watching over you."  Seeing 333 all the time gets me through troubled times and holds up good times to light in exaltation.

I knew without searching that I was not alone in this phenomenon.  It would not make sense that I be the only one. What I wonder is if all of us who share this number are in some sort of soul group. Hmmm...I dunno.

I also have never questioned if there is anything crazy about it.  I believe myself to be a pretty grounded person: School teacher, mother, home-owner, PTA vice president, etc. 

I just feel blessed to be tuned in and aware of a mystery which defies mere coincidence.

Who's with me? *grins 

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I have a 333 complex. For weeks I would wake at 3:33 am everyday. What's it mean?

Soulark333, thank you for sharing your story on seeing the numbers 333. It was very comforting and heart warming, that I'm not the only one that sees these numbers on a regular basis (since the year of 1999), and has the same inner feeling at the time of seeing 333. Thank you again for sharing your story. Smiles for miles. *

your ideas about it are exactly like mine. ive created my own connection to it. im spiritual in the same sense you are. have pulled philosophies and ideas out of my life experiences.

jay, Some people say there's no such thing as coincidence. Maybe God really wants to talk to U!

Great stoires mines is not its just a freaky coincidence. I just went thought detox and. The tablets u get from the docs . To help me are stamped 333 . Spooky

Throughout the Bible we see that God loves numbers! He’s an engineer; He made the universe! He loves to show off, show His glory, make us marvel! For over a year I seemingly was blessed by my digital bedroom clock. Almost invariably, when I would inadvertently look at the clock, it would show some supernatural combination of numbers (i.e., 123, 1234, 1111, 555, 222, 711 etc.). This has happened so often, I thought maybe an Angel was controlling the clock! - Thinking about it now, it was more likely an Angel or the Holy Spirit who was prompting me to look at the clock at just the right time; a Sign, - just to let me know that He’s there, - particularly during hard times. Early this year I started keeping track and analyzing these #s. On the internet, I found I’ve been amazed at what the #s are revealing! It seems that most of the #s given me are pointing to what the Bible calls End Time Events, like Antichrist, tribulation, and the millennium. I’m guessing, as others are, that something very significant is happening, particularly considering today’s moral decadence and what’s going on in the Middle East.<br />
A little background – 25 years ago I was agnostic and I started reading the Bible to prove to myself that Jesus was probably an alien! Then I met and fell in love with a Christian gal and had to watch Christian TV, like Billy Graham, Joyce Meyers, Les Feldick, the 700 Club, etc.! YUCK! - But, I finally learned the truth! Looking back, it’s really hard to believe how lost or ignorant or deceived I was! I’m a retired engineer, I’ve dealt with #s most of my life; I appreciate them. Maybe that’s why He chose to reveal them to me! It seems crazy! I feel like an Old Testament prophet! Not many believed them; why should anyone believe me? <br />
2-7-12. The #333 was given to me last night. It was also given to Bonnie (my step-daughter) yesterday and the day before! What does this represent? <br />
1) 3 = Divine or Divine completeness or perfection. Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. 3 days & 3 Nights. Etc.<br />
2) 333 = completeness to the 3rd power. Also, there are 27 books in the New Testament, which is 3x3x3 or completion to the 3rd power. Thus, 333 may represent completion of the 2000 year ‘age of grace’! Which is what Jesus initiated (at age 33) when He said ‘It is finished’ (perfectly completed) on the cross! And right after the age of grace, the world and unbelievers will experience great tribulation.<br />
3) 333 = 1+2, 1+2, 1+2 which is 12/12/12 or Dec. 12, 2012! Also, 3+3+3=9. The #9 represents Judgment! Although no one is to know the day or hour, many are associating this with End Times!<br />
4) The Mayan calendar predicts the end of an era on 12/21/12. My grand-daughter said ‘maybe they just ran out of rock to write on’! Maybe – but who ordained how much rock they needed to get to Dec.2012? It’s also been pointed out that 12/21/12 = 333. Coincidence?<br />
5) 2012 is also the Chinese year of the Dragon, - the Black Water Dragon!! Another coincidence?<br />
6) Checking the internet, I find that many people have been seeing this #333 for years! There’s even a 333 Club! I think that many of these people are being personally invited (or warned) to be among the saved! Ezekiel 33:3 says, “He sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people”, and 33:4 goes on, “If they don’t heed the warning, their blood will be on their own head”. <br />
So if you’re not saved, if God is indeed using either Angels or the Holy Spirit to get your attention, then consider yourself blessed with a loving invitation! - He doesn’t want to see you, or anybody, miss heaven! He loves you, like John 3:16 says. (also check John 3:33)! If this is all true, this might be your last chance. You now know the truth. He may not bother you again with any more #s! You’ll need to make a decision. If I were you, I would accept His invitation, check out those yucky programs, get on your knees, thank Him, and whatever it takes, get yourself born again. Psalm 33:3 says, “Sing to Him a new song – and shout for joy”! Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”. And He really will!<br />
If you’re already saved, maybe God is saying something like, “Hi there; just want to let you know I love you. You have My number; give Me a call; talk to Me!” Maybe he wants you to do something special in these last days! Of course, there’s many people who think they’re saved and really aren’t! Like those baptized as infants. No one can judge except God. But if you’re not sure, I urge you to check out those “yucky” programs! 

same here i have been see numbers 333 833 1133 033 anything ending in 33 everywhere i go i would see 33 discounts is not 33% percent off of sells. i pray to the lord and ask him to reveal to me what this number means. i had asked my pastor what it meant and he was so shocked because he had been seeing them to. 3 means divine power. he told me everytime i see it to prays GOD cause its a good thing. hes telling us something. best of luck

This is not the first time that I have heard that there were others. My story goes back to when I was 16 years old, I'm almost 50 now. <br />
My story is that my grand mother had just passed away when I was 16. It was the first death in my family and it was my very first experience with death. Some 9 months later, I had a life experience that I will never forget, and an experience that eventually brought me down this path. I lived in a small home and 6 of us lived in that house. We were very poor and my brother and I slept in a fold out couch in the living room. The only thing that divided the living room from the kitchen was a half-wall. That night I could not go to sleep and I began to remember my grandmothers funeral. The whole idea scared me as I recalled it. Soon I was seeing my grandmother in the coffin, seeing her hands, and her face, it was very disturbing. I began to feel a very evil presence in the room. It was real. It was dark. I would close my eyes and I saw my grandmother sit up in her coffin and laugh at me. I felt so scared and I felt as if that evil wanted to possess me. This was not a dream, there was a physical presence in the room that was unmistakably there with me. This seam to have lasted forever. I could not take it anymore and out of desperation, and out of my sincere request for mercy, I closed my eyes and said without equivocation, "JESUS."<br />
AT THAT VERY SECOND, there was beautiful light in the room, that demolished the darkness, a peace in the room that defeated the dispair, a love in the room that smothered the hatred. It was as if I was held in God's arms. My spirit soared, a loving chill took over my body. I did not believe that there could be so much love. So beautiful, so wonderfully beautiful. sat there in awe with the whole power and love.<br />
ATHAT VERY SAME SECOND, the water faucet in the kitchen turned on full blast. My father yelled from his bed room in spanish, "who is in the kitchen?" I jumped out of my bed an I ran to the kitchen, yelling as I walked, "its only me dad, its only me!"<br />
Even as a very young child I knew I loved God, but that night took it to a totally new level. I could no longer deny Him for he had showed his face to me. And even then through my life I know that i have failed him, but he has never failed me. <br />
<br />
Now to the rest of the story. For years after that incident, I started seeing the number, 1111. would see it everywhere. This lasted until adulthood. Then sometime about 15 - 20 years ago I stopped seeing 1111, and began to see 333. Like you, I would see (and still see it) everywhere, clocks, microwaves, book pages, grocery prices. Even one time when my wife asked me to go back and check on an address on a particular building because she needed the information, the address was 333. 333 everywhere. <br />
<br />
At the beginning, I did not know why I was seeing this number(s). Was not sure if it was good or bad. I would tell my wife and my friends about what I was seeing and everyone said that it was all in my mind. One friend, in order to settle my concern, even had a theory that 333 was simply more prevalent, and simply happened more often than other numbers. <br />
<br />
Then one day I looked it up on the internet, and what I found was astounding. I found a site where many people were seeing the same thing. Some people did not just see 333 the also saw 1111, and the were haunted by these numbers on a daily basis just like me. Even though some people were stating that it was a good thing, I was still not so sure. I was still concerned.<br />
<br />
Then one day, I remembered something. I quickly called my brother to confirm. I asked him what the address of the Oklahoma house where we used to live. The very same house where I had had seen God's mercy and love. He said that he did not remember the name of the street, but that he remembered that the address number was 1111. <br />
<br />
From that day forward, I welcomed the numbers because I knew they were good. God is good.<br />
<br />
I am not a church goer, but I believe that I have been touched by God in such a way and to such an extent that few have experienced. <br />
<br />
I can only guess as why we are being called, and make no mistake, we are being called. What I do know is that humans today have reached a fork on the road of human existence. Maybe its time for Man to achieve his true potential. Its time for us to take a step into a place that we have never gone before. Jesus words are incredible when he talks about us, humans. He says that with the faith of a mustard seed "we" can tell a mountain, move yonder, and the mountain will move. He says nothing is impossible onto "you." He says that we are also capable of doing great works. So the question that has haunted me in my life, is who am "I"? What is my purpose? I feel sometimes as if I will be called to do something, but I do not know what that is.<br />
<br />
But now I know that its not only me. How I wish we could meet. Talk. Figure out who we are, and what our mission is. Or maybe our mission is to merely meet.??<br />
<br />

I really think we should meet I have been seeing 333 for almost ten years plus now and I know of those bad evil spirits you speak of when I was a teen I would see them dark shapes I would speak Jesus's name and they would go away but they have to be scaring us for a reason. I think the people seeing 333 are going to have to come together.

I just shared my story also.....we seem to be many....that is just awesomely awesome....<br />
I am glad others find it peaceful, life has not been always ideal but I feel comfort in <br />
knowing that this may be a spiritual guide matter what has happened, that I am still on the right path of my life....the numbers seem to have no rhyme or reason for their appearance to me.....but maybe I just need to be more open to what is going on in my life and the choices I am making!

Today I had enough of seeing the number 333, it was on the clock on my microwave, so I thought right I am once and for all going to research this number. (to be honest I was a bit weary because i assumed with it been half of the number 666 that it was going to be bad) But as you have found it has a religious/spiritual meaning! It is so strange how/why it happens but I feel good about seeing the number! I was raised a Catholic but now I have my own version of religion, as we all know, man manipulates things to his own advantage so I don't believe everything I read (Bible) or am told. What I do believe is, there is a higher-power and we as people have our destinies to fulfill. I can not put the number 333 in situations that mean anything in particular, such as today I was in the kitchen having a laugh with my parents, but nothing more interesting was happening than that! Lets feel blessed and hopefully we can figure it out in the future. I would love to talk with people about this, so just give me a shout :-)<br />
<br />

Wow I love what you wrote; I've been experiencing something similar & wrote a blog about it on our film-site: <br />
when our Director thought it was so crazy I should make it public.<br />
<br />
Sometime before this started to happen I had prayed for guidence, yet I wouldn't even know what it means if it was.<br />
<br />
Do you mind posting your experience on the site?<br />
It's so interesting to see It's not just me.<br />
<br />
Thanks,<br />

I'm very much with you. I've been experiencing seeing 333 all the time for about 10 years now. And like you it brings me comfort. You expressed what I feel so well. It's like a little peak behind the curtain. It lets me know that all we see is not all there is. I am a Christian but a pretty opened minded one. I keep it to myself and try not to be pushy. But anyway it was great reading your story. I plan to write of my experience but can't at the moment. If you ever want to discuss your experience with me it would be a true joy. I have found that there are more of us than I would have first believed. Our existance is not by chance. There is order, mathmatical order. Have you ever read or heard about the golden ratio? Your a school teacher and so I'm probably the one who could learn something about it from you. Anyway if you google the "golden ratio" or just put in the ratio 1:1.618 into google you'll get quite a few hits. But this ratio is seen throughout nature. Anyway my point is that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this world of ours. All the best my 333 friend.<br />

I feel that what you say is very very true