I Also See Also See 333

Exactly like your story of waking up in the morning at 3:33 just to look at the alarm clock and go back to sleep again. However, my story is different in the fact that usually after I see these numbers something really bad is about to happen to me or people around me. I keep seeing this numbers and it is as if my world is coming apart at the seams. So far, my mother died of cancer, my grandmother two weeks before my mother died. I had 3 heart attacks, my wife left me, I lost my business, my brother and sister hurt me deeply and I am almost flat broke and soon to be living on the streets unless a miracle dosen't happen real fast. These numbers started happening shortly after my baptism and it has been all down hill ever since. One positive note. I still refuse to loose my faith in God and keep praying that things will eventually get better. May God save us all... 

kenroy kenroy
Mar 15, 2009