If I Had Only Found This Group Sooner

My experiences with the 333 began in 1997 after having a NDE . My life turned upside down ! Everywhere I looked 333 was there . My story is so much like others. Waking at 3:33, everything coming to me in 3's. But I also began having supernatural or Mystical experiences. I was thrown into a world I didnt know existed . The veil was lifted, as they say.  Things were so intense I came to a point I thought I was loosing my mind . It became stronger, I would answer peoples questions before they were asked, I didnt realize I was doing this. I clearly heard the question. People became afraid to be around me as I seemed to hear every thought  they were having.  

There were many more things also . I realized there is no such thing as a coincidence . Everything happens for a reason ,  now know I have been on this planet many times before . I absolutely believe in Karma. 

In 1997, 2000 and 2002 the experiences became more intense. I was experiencing revelations of the future. I lived through , ( The Dark Night Of The Soul ) . I saw peoples eyes as if in death, I felt everyones pain, even the earths cries. At one point , my body actually felt Magnetic. I  wore a heart necklace and it would move across my neck when I was complletely still. When something good was about to happen , it slid to the left of my neck, right side was a sign of something bad about to happen.

There  is much more. But I think this is quite enough to say as an introduction. I would also like to add the no. 11:11 , same as the 333.  I begged for it to all stop and let me live a normal life and it did. My life isnt as it was, but I have experienced many Miracles since. The past few weeks ive noticed things happening again. Nowhere near as intense as before but now I by no coincidence have found this group.  

I cant wait to read everyones stories and get to know the group.

                                                 Blessings Seren


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Oh Thank you for reading mine. I just got goose bumps all over. lol I know I will relate to you. I am so sure I did not stumble upon this site, I have been in intense prayer asking God for guidance and to lead me to what I need to do . I was so afraid when all this began , the intensity was overwhelming. I begged God to let me just be a Normal Human Being again. Now, I pray that I can begin to once more experience the ( Supernatural ) knowing God is with me. I wont fear it this time. ( Faith and Fear can not live in the same heart ) . I have Faith and total Trust in Jesus. <br />
I was in a fire in my home 4 yrs ago. I will share that I think as a story . Im not sure how this site works yet, I simply was filled with excitement and kept reading and writing. I Knew, someone would respond. I saw many were written I believe as far back as 2008 ??? I prayed ppl still were active in this. <br />
Oh I cant wait to hear more from you. I believe in the unbelievable, because I have experienced it. <br />
Blessings Seren

Wow! Thanks for posting. I'm glad you found this group too. It has helped me to read others' stories and I definitely feel supported by yours.<br />
There are not many people who can relate to the mystical experiences I have had. I have a feeling you can : )