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I Keep Seeing 9:11 Everyday!

Okay - so I see the number 9:11 at least twice a day. On the clock, on cars, in papers, on tv, on TiVo fast forward, on cheques....the list goes on! This has been happening for about a year now. I can say that I have seen it at least 8 times in the last four days.

So what does 9:11 actually mean? I don't believe that it has much to do with Sept. 11th attacks - I am not american, nor was I directly effected! I have a feeling it has something to do with the number 11 more than the 9. But 9 pops up most with 11, though I have seen other 11 things - like 11:11, 4:11, and 7:11. But 9.11 is the one that has been haunting me daily for at least a year.

At first, I was very scared - I meant to take a 12 hour drive to my home on November 9th last year (I am Australian the date would have been written 09/11/09) , but I left a day earlier because I was certain that this would be the day of my death. The only thing that happened on the 09/11/09 was a leak in my father's roof that made the roof collapse. So after no death, no bad experience, no good luck, no anything - I am still left today on the 17th September, thinking, okay...........what the hell does 9:11 mean?
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I am a muslim but every single day for likw two years i see 9:11 no matter what. If i miss it on the time i think im safe but then i see like 9:11 somewhere else, dates, magazines etc. i have never missed it even when i try so hard too not see it..

Me too! For years I always catch the clock at 9:11, and tonight I finally decided to google it, and it appears that it happens to many people, especially who visit this site. I am off to do more research!

I have been seeing 9:11 unexpectedly for the past 8 month over the clock, watch, parking number. & if I avoid it, I see it on TV from another countries clock.

I have been doing some research & here what I found:

1. 9:11 Twin Tower = Destruction of 2 massive builds sign

2. 9 .1.1 = Emergency call

3. In Islamic Qur’an Chapter 9 verse 11 == But if they repent, establish prayer, and give zakah (Chairity), then they are your brothers in religion; and We explain the Signs in detail, for those who understand

4. In Christian Bible in many verse 9:11 = = Spiritual Blessings … Enjoy Your Portion in This Life … God's Sovereign Choice

5. In Jewish Torah in many verse 9:11 == Long Life’s … it’s never too late … Never again will there be a flood that will destroy the earth

Other people see 11:11, 3:11, 5:11, 7:11, etc…
So if you do the math… 9-1-1 = 7 >>> 7:11
So on 7-1-1 = 5 >>> 5:11

I think all X:11 means the same thing & it’s more likely a good sign for having a good life after a destructive life… but there is a price to reach out to good life

When I pray & read the holy book. I don’t see 9:11 for the day… & when I don’t, I see it as a reminder that I am in the correct path & I need to continue my practice to reach out to the good life.

Regardless the religion, the prayers carries a spiritual energy that protects & fights negative energy as well as the holly book carries a magical combination words that creates a force with and/or against something.

Everyone can have a different approach to deal with this or these signs.

I been seeing 911 for years mybe that a sigh from god for us to get prepared. I thought i was the only one experience this phenomenal

I have the same problem! I am so excited to hear everyone's story :) check out angelic number 911

I have the same problem. I keep on noticing 911 every where especially on watch and dates. .. wired feeling !!

This has been happening to me too for many years. I am looking at forming a group so we can discuss and share our experiences. I welcome everyone's experiences so feel free to email me.

How long have you been experiencing this?

Hi there,
Ok here i want to clear things up as i find it interesting to say that.

At first i want you to pardon me cause i am not a native speaker.
My name is Rakan, i live in Saudi Arabia & my mother language is Arabic.
I have been experiencing this thing since 8 months now.
Now i am really shocked to know that i am not the only one who is experiencing this thing = this is not a coincidence as i originally thought.

Here where i am going to explain more about my end result and findings as a Muslim and as a Qura'an reader (Muslims Holy Book) + as an Arabic speaker. So please grab your Tea/Coffee and read cautiously.

First of all this is a message to convoy us of what will happen in the next close years, so lets "Decode the message".
Let's see what 9 11 means!
Ask any one and they will simply answer you with 9/11 Twin Towers Attack, cause simply this is the only relation we can get to these numbers.
So it means "Destruction" coming on its way, actually its a great way to tell someone that there is a "Destruction" coming soon AND ALSO a "Date" for this "Destruction", go drink some water.

Now what i mean is that there is a Destruction will come according to the number 9 11 and the date will be on 9+11=22!
And according to my findings that will come in the next paragraph's, the year happens to be "2022" in which a huge change will take place, a huge destruction, a huge twist to history that will lead the world to another way of life.

Now i have to support my findings with evidence from the Holy Book Qura'an, the latest book from God, the book that has only one version, one language, one idea, one meaning & one message to Human's & Jinns. With full respect to our Christian brothers and fellow cousins Jews.

In Qura'an we have an interesting verse that talks about Sons of Israel.
If you are Arabic please Youtube "2022 isreal" so you don't have to continue reading this :)

If you are not Arabic so that's why i am here to give you the full idea of whats going on on this verse.

The verse says in original language "Arabic":
وَقُلْنَا مِنْ بَعْدِهِ لِبَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ اسْكُنُوا الْأَرْضَ فَإِذَا جَاءَ وَعْدُ الْآخِرَةِ جِئْنَا بِكُمْ لَفِيفًا)

An English translation of this verse:

(( And We said after Pharaoh to the Children of Israel, "Dwell in the land, and when there comes the promise of the Hereafter, We will bring you forth in [one] gathering."))

In Arabic language we have a kind of since that's called "The calculation of letters" in which we have a specific numbers for each Arabic letter, Arabian people found this method of calculation and worked with it in Arab lands before Islam emerged in the Arabian Peninsula.

A Muslim scientist "Shown on the given video" found out in 1992 that when he sum these letters of the verse starting from the half part of the verse that speaks of the time that Son of Israel will be gathered in the End Times:
(( and when there comes the promise of the Hereafter, We will bring you forth in [one] gathering."))

He found out that these Arabic letters will give a number of 2022 when he sum it using the old known calculation way of Arabic letters that has been used 1500 years before Islam came out!

Then when he calculated the sequence of the words of the verses that talks about Moses Prophecy till the last word of the previous verse that happens to be the end of Moses Prophecy that has been mentioned in Qura'an; He got the number 1443; this word is the 1443rd among these verses which happens to be the Muslims year that sync with the year 2022!

In Muslims year now we are in 1436 هجري!

And the Third and final shocking evidence showed up when he summed up the sequence of the next 4 words of the next verse that comes up to assure the Prophecy of Prophet Moses; Obviously the scientist got the number 1444+1445+1446+1447= 5782 which happens to be the Jews year that sync with the year 2022!

That was my findings from a Muslim perspective.
I only wanted to relate this to the end of Israel cause i got the number 22 when i sum 9 with 11.

And most important clarification that i wanted to give is that Muslims has nothing to do with the Twin Towers in 9/11, its all planned.
Search Youtube "Good night kiss 9/11" and you will know that its planned before.

Peace ✌

This has been happening to me for the past 3 years!!!! I finally tried to google it and see what it means, glad its not just me it happens to

It happens with Me to the same thing i keep telling my friends and my family they keep say that am doing it. Am Palestinian I live in Algeria am investor.

I have been experiencing this a lot for the past 2 months as well. One hypothesis is that spiritual awakening and trained focus might be the source of this. Your growing awareness and journey to your soul purpose or devine path, often due to a traumatic event of some sort (death, breakup, etc.) can be triggering this. The universe might be trying to tell you something, you can Google "angel numbers" and get some interpretations and see if it gives you the answers you're looking for. Don't be fooled by the connotations of this particular sequence, chances are the "real" meaning for you is not even close. Maybe now that you've noticed it a lot, you're conditioned to see it and therefore you see it even more because your focus is on it. Basic law of attraction rule, you attract what you are, thoughts become things, good or bad. If it can help you, I always say that the good answer is the one that resonates with you and makes you feel good.

This has been happening to me too for many years. I am looking at forming a group so we can discuss and share our experiences. I welcome everyone's experiences so feel free to email me.

I had a similar experience for 3 years I saw that number sequence everywhere and I thought it would be the day of my impending doom. Nothing happened, but the trade center was brought down that day so it does make me wonder...I no longer see number sequences besides3:33 that one is persistent nowadays...wonder what it means?

I also constantly see the time 9:11. I started having this when I got my first watch as a young boy in the 80's. I have a close friend that also has the same issue. I had an incident today where I wrote a long running job to extract files from a database. The time that the job ended was 9:11 and I noticed this by the file modification date when I wanted to find the last file. I then sent the image to my friend who has the same experiences on WhatsApp as a matter of interest as we share our experiences from time to time. To my absolute disbelief, WhatsApp said he was last seen at 21:11 which is 9:11PM. This started out for me as just seeing the time here and there and wondering why. But this sort of coincidence is really unexplainable. Attached is the photo that I had to take with my tablet of the conversation.

While busy in college I saw the time 9:11 almost every day in the am or pm. Not intentionally I would see a clock, get a text, phone call, anything that would make me subconsciously look at the clock. Since I have graduated I have not seen it nearly as often and rarely thought much of it anymore. Today my grandfather died peacefully while I sat at the foot of his bed. When I could tell his life had left him I felt a strong urge to look at the time. For an unexplained reason something came over me and I felt this very important. I checked my phone just as its clock changed from 9:11 to 9:12. Being a long day I had truly no concept of what time it even remotely could be. This number could be a coincidence. Maybe not.

Always see this numbers. It's really weird. It's been almost 3 years

this happens to me and my sister all the time!

Read the harbinger by johnathan cahn and check out 119 ministries both have helped me understand the 911 vision

i ve been seeing it for the past 2 years, me and my friend have had a runnning joke everytime we se 9:11 on clock. out of the blue today, my brother in law - who i dont like - told me he sees 9:11 constantly in the past 4 months.

I keep seeing 9:11 in one form or another too. Every other day I will just randomly glance at the clock and it will be 9:11. It's nothing I've planned, it's just a coincidence. I feel like it's almost programmed into me though because I've tried to remember what happens to trigger me to glance at the clock that I seldom look at throughout the day and can find nothing. I have no emotional tie to 9/11 and have only started observing this behavior in the last 2 years or so. I've even started seeing these numbers in my own birthdate by adding and subtracting the numbers: 10/01/92. I feel like I'm going crazy.

We have the same birthday and i also see the number everyday morning and evenings for the past 2 years
I tried playing lottery online and use the number 9 & 11 including my birthday and it would pop up.

I keep seeing the number 9:11 too...and 9/11/14 is here in a few minutes....I'm worry...

I Keep Seeing the Same Numbers Constantly
This happens to me for about three to four months, and I am started to think about what this means. See 9/11 almost everywhere. Just in a moment, I just checked the date, which I did not have in mind, and guess what? September 11, 2014. What is it? Sharing my experience with you, only gives me goose pump. I think it is a calling. The universe has its own way of communicating us. It wants us to give our best selves and contribute ourselves fully! I just think it is just that, or maybe more profound in the direction of what my current thought is. Thanks.

Hi, this has happened to me to since the end of last spring, but the number is 1237. If I would wake up in the middle of the night, it would always (or at least close) be 12:37.
In school, I looked at the clock and it was 12:37, right after answering the math problem where the answer was 123.7. I gave those numbers to my dad for a lottery ticket and he won $50.

ok so after reading several posts I will take you to what brought me here today! Like many others I will see the number 911 several times a day from anything to clocks accidentally sitting on the remote and pushing channel 911 to the games I play. Today I was playing a game called clash of clans and when I looked at the number of troops ready for battle it was 9 archers and 11 barbarians. My birthday is 10.12.1989 my whole life I have felt that I am here for a special reason one that I could never place my finger on. I started seeing the number 911 around 2010 same year I got married. I have always searched for answers to the questions of life through spiritual and astrological means. In 2010 I was locked out of my house waiting for my wife to come home I sat on my car looking up towards the sky when all of sudden the stars began to shine brightly forming a pattern in the sky. The first object was a giant hand with 1 finger pointing towards the right as I glanced across the sky in the direction it pointed an hour glass began to take shape. This hours glass appeared to be half empty or full who really the right of that image was the moon turning dark from left to right. Previous to this experience I had been asking god to give me a sign of the end times or to at least tell me if we were close. Fast forward to 2012 I again find myself inquiring about the end times, I awake in tears after a dream so vivid I could have sworn it was real. In the dream I am standing on a cracked piece of pavement and its pitch black all around me the path I am standing on is illuminated, as I take a step forward the chaos in sues there are demons flying all around me to the left and right of the path are people dying and fires are ravaging everything. As I continue to walk forward on the path I remain unharmed until I reach a point where I see this little girl alone and afraid screaming for help I can never see her face but I know that I can not stand by and watch as she will certainly die. I run off the path to save her when I finally reach her I pick her up and turn around to run back to the path which is now what seems like an eternity away. I can feel the demons on me as I run towards the path feeling as if they were sucking the life right out of me. When I finally reach the path I stumble to the ground with the kid in my hand and awake as described previously. When I look at the times we live in today I correlate these events in my life and the numbers 911 with The End Times. In my research I have found that these numbers have many meaning the most prevalent of which is the destruction or end of something followed by a new beginning. I see the numbers more now than ever before with murder and crime taking place all over the world from russia to Gaza to africa with ebola to the United states. I leave you with this God protects those who protect themselves in these Terrible times were evil is prevalent I will stand up as a warrior in the fight for good!

Hi there, I just came across this and I think, one reason for that is, to read your input. Not surprising that you have the same dream I had. There are two or more significant dreams that I can not forget, one when I was little, standing in the middle of darkness and there is one light flying around me and when I caught it, I was lifted and illuminated, my whole body was bright and shining. Then there's another one, I was standing in the middle of field and the Sky began to swirl and opened one big whole (like eye of the storm) and some of us began to lift up as if they were sipped up in vaccuum towards the eye of the storm. I too lifted up but got a little scared because I was thinking of my kids. Then another dream, sounding like yours.. It was stormy around me and everything was flying around me except me.. I was completely untouched, observing the chaos around me. And there are some dreams that I was trying to help people to get out of the storm/flood and keep them in a safe place.So I guess, I know now what those are. :-)

Same dream same numerology

What must it be?

I have the same thing happing to me, it's been over 4yrs now. Every time I look at the clock I see 9:11, at first I was afraid, but now I am use to it. I thought I was the only one. Your birthday does not happen to be in March does it?

it is GOD calling you to repent becuase his son JESUS is about to return before his rath is poured out unmixed unto the wicked,. not only have i seen 9:11 everywhere but from the cars i have bought 09 accord to 11 scion before i knew what 9:11 ment, my moms birthday equal 9 brothers equals 11, apartment complex equals 9, my apartment equals 11... it is everywhere in my life... i prayed on it an GOD directed me to 1 acts 9 - 11.. he is calling you to repent... its a warning Jesus is about to return! look into!

Dear Jose,
Can you please clarify exactly what verses your talking about in The Book Of Acts? Your post simply says "1 acts 9 - 11". I'm guessing you already know "Acts" only has one book, so you would normally not put a "1" in front of the book name, unless you were talking about a book like 1st or 2nd John which has more than one book then you would put a number before the name.
I pray that you will trust that my intention for responding to your comment is not to correct anything you wrote, but simply because I really want to know exactly what verse(s) your talking about in "Acts", because I believe I have a similar revelation from The Lord as you do.

I'm not sure if your referencing Acts chapter 1, verses 9 through 11? Or if you mean Acts chapters 9 through 11? or maybe it was a typo and you meant another book? cause I read those chapters and verses and wasn't able to make the connection regarding "repentance" but maybe I'm missing something?
Please confirm which "book", "chapter(s), and "verse(s)" the Lord directed you to?

Thank you for sharing brother, may The Lord grant all of us His power to overcome this world and the desires of our flesh. So that we might be found worthy of His calling when He returns sooner than we'd all like to admit. God bless & thank you. -JR

As with you all, I to have had the same experiences but I'm having trouble not connecting it with 911 in New York and here's why. The night before September 11, I had a very realistic, but now disturbing, dream. My dream was of two very large butterflies who were glowing and on fire flying over a large city. Ever since then I have been seeing the 911 numbers almost on a daily basis.....Now, I'm not sure there actually is a connection between the dream and the numbers but if there isn't, it surely is quite a coincidence.

ok i have had this problem with9:11to me and my freind have been really freiked out by this like when we talk about our problems together its that time when we meet up its that time even when we r texting each other its that time and it gets really creepy so we looked up bad numbers in the bible and 9:11 is one of them and it can mean a time of death in hell and idk what to do wut made us look up those numbers is that we went to my aunts and she has this porsline doll in the room we were staying in so it creeped us out so we turned it facing towards the wall and when we walked back in ther about 30min later and she had turned facing us then that was when the numbers started hope that helped

i've been seen 9:11 everywhere i go too...
the clock..the t.v. and it's been going on for years!!

I've been seeing 9:11 since 2003. I've searched it's meaning everywhere. I've come to understand the meaning is different for each individual. For me it is letting me know I am on the correct path. 9 means completion. 11 is a master number which means many things, but in essence it means pushing all limits, which I believe means in a spiritual way. The 9 and the 1 represent the star. The star is the representation of completing the dream, what we came here to do. It means the person is the one who has the clear voice who has come to give the message to world. 911 also stands for the completion of a phase and the beginning of another. It just depends on the individual.

You are not alone I started seeing it just like you when I was 13 I've dated 3 girls with the same birthdate I told my family about it when I was In the 8 grade after the 9/11 attack it took a couple years for me to make the connection and thought I was a freak I'm 26 years old now and I have been seeing it like I used to before and I mention it to my mother and she keeps on seeing her past mothers birthdate

Hello.. my story is different but it all started when I was married my husbands dad died on 9/11/84I started to see 9/11 when I gotpregnant with my daughter in 2000 at the time I just figured it was a sign that my husbands dad qas watching over me and my daughter. I saw 911 even after my daughter was born in 01/2001 still just thought it was rick my hubbys dad was just checking 2 or more times a day. Then the attacks happened 9/1/2001. With all the waa going on at the time i didnt stop think about seeing 911.. it was awhile later i relized i no longer see the numbers 911. But i started to see them again this year. Really been seeing it theae past 2 months. Im thinking is somthing going to happen on 9/11 again or is attack to america going to happen like on 911.. i dont know but i know God is telling me something.. i didnt habe Jesus in my life back then as i do now. My eyes have been opened.1

Everytime I look at the time the time ends in 11! It's freaking me out! It's been happening at least 2-3 times a day. About 3 months now!