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I Keep Seeing 1221 Or 221 Everywhere!!!

Every since i was in high school, I noticed the number 1221 or 122 would keep popping up. When I would wake up in the middle of the night it would be 2:21, 1:22, 12:21! My birthday is 2/21!!! As of today, it is 11/2/2011 What is wrong??? Why do I keep seeing these numbers?!
Mlbenjamin Mlbenjamin 22-25, F 5 Responses Nov 1, 2011

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I see 221 and 144 all over the place. I am not sure why. I also have had dreams containing the cross inside the star of david. I used to be very religious and while I havent practiced in a while. I am still very spiritual
any thoughts appriciated

its to do with the so called 144,000 crystal children who have come to earth with missions to raise the consciousness of humanity to the 5th dimension - im still working on all the details. 11:11 is a master number and also the number for the awakening code - you start to download all that you need for your mission. earth angels, earth messangers, children of the light, the oneness group, indigo children (and other colours) and crystal children. its a whole big topic and i dont have an exact answer. i would like to know the specifc meaning of the 122 and 12:21 or 21:12 cause i get you main numbers 11:11 12:12 4:44 but the ones yourv getting i get to so im curious if anyone has specific knowledge or references to what it represents the them?

I too keep waking up at 12 something and not positive but almost it's 1 221 am and again at 221am. I'm not sure why but I am sure God and Jesus is on mymind and I go into a prayer half sleep.

It is surprising, how people decode things and make a bible of the mole. Lets say, it is some indication from angel or devil....If so, people who are not educated in English does not get any indication???? Also, if angel or devil is their...why they want to communicate to you in some sign form????? Are they dumb? Come out of **** explanations...If you ask, **** get **** answers. Relax....It is only your fascination for the number. If you slowly let wont see it again.

the universe was created and can be explained by numbers i.e mathmatics. each number has a different energy or meaning and each combination does. also its in reference to the interpretation of intuition you get when you see the numbers. its a communication device from what i gather, also its a download so you see it the info you hold thats in your subconscious and soul/higher self (or whatever you call it) and you start to tap into your knowledge and get the knowledge nesacary to complete your mission.
maybe they have another language - numbers are universal - it enables them to comunicate to all on the earth

Okay, fun with numerology...<br />
<br />
I've posted elsewhere but in essence, I think when a number or word pops out at you it means there is a tickle in your psyche, your subconscious mind, trying to tell you something important. I am partial to believe these are divinely inspired, but I also think they can be seen like a dream, showing us something about ourselves.<br />
<br />
1221 has no readily identified Kabbalah or metaphysical correspondences, (i.e. no words are phrases of importance have been traditionally connected with this number.)<br />
<br />
However, both 122 and 221 have some interesting yeilds. 122 corresponds to Asmodai, or Asmodeus, an archdemon associated with lust but also with wisdom. In these cases, do not fear, 122 is not necessarily an agent of Asmodeus or sent by him, rather reflects his nature. His wikipedia entry is very interesting regarding how Asmodeus has been depicted in ancient and historical writings.<br />
<br />
221, bears an intriguing counterbalance to 122. Uruk, or Erech numer. corresponds to the number 221, and was the great ancient Babylonian city, the legendary home to the hero Gilgamesh of the Epic of Gigamesh (look it up.) 221 is also the number of the angel Menqel whose name means: "Nourishing All" and is associated with the constellation Gemini and the Bible verse Psalm 38:21: "Forsake me not, O LORD: O my God, be not far from me."<br />
<br />
Very interesting indeed, an angel on one side, a devil on the other. Sound familiar? Perhaps this recurrence of this/these number(s) are an indication of a long unresolved decision, one with which you feel deeply conflicted and torn between the two choices.

Dude I see 1221 222 221 1220 220 1222 everyday on houses time tv cards bible verses I was born on 1221 1991 time 222 the worlds supposto end 1221 2012 I turn 21 that day so my dad thinks im the anitcrist idk but I think its somthing big that might happen n we have a big part in it so let me know what u think

Hi ...I was born on 12/21/72 @ 2:21 p.m......I also see these numbers everywhere.....and its funny family and friends are also saying that i might be the far from it.....i am very spiritual but the weird thing is that i just started this journey last i do believe its a sign but for clue....still trying to figure it out......let me know if you have....

me too please :) ive just realised why i see 12:21 and 2012 or 20:12 its cause it was the dates for that, but i dont know the others so if someone can shed light and provide light that would be greatly appriciated too :)

I was born 5/22 @ 522 pm wonder what that means

And someone mentioned 522 on this one >_< EVE in numbers is 5225. Romans 8:15 "to God we cry Abba, Father." ABBA in numbers is 1221.

thats very cool ae, your not the antichrist though people need to stop throwing that around. its relating to universe numbers

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