The Number 23

At first I thought this was a coincidence, but this has been happening to me since my sister died, 3 years ago. I always see the numbers 23, and often I see 123. The only thing I can think of is that a long time ago when beepers were cool (when I was in high school still,) our code for I love you was 123. The night she died, my cell phone turned off and turned right back on. And there was an old text message from her that simply said "I love you." She had sent it after we got in a huge fight once. And from then on, I see 123, or 11:23 or 12:23 or anything with 23 in it. ALL THE TIME. How can that be a simple coincidence. Great, and now I'm crying. *Sigh*

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I see 23 and 33 it means our angles are letting us no they are there to support and guide us, all we have to do is ask.

I saw the number in my dreams for several months straight. I also dreamt of a massive earthquake for the same time. Hopefully they don't have anything in common...

Hi everyone,

Of course I am another person who constantly see's the number 23.
In my opinion on on the matter, I believe that 23 is a symbol of changes that have or will happen.
Many of the people on here feel like the number 23 is a message from something higher which is how i also feel.
It isn't something to be scared about but appreciated instead, you're constantly being watched over and answered too, talk and ask questions to the people watching over, once i started doing this answers and clarity came.
Before i knew 23 was special I also saw it without trying too.

I too see it everywhere I almost want to go to a fortune teller and see if she could help. But after reading this my grandpa died 3 years ago and I was very close to him and I think it might have something to do with him. And it's weird because right after he died I met this guy who I feel like he sent me, and his birthday is 23rd and maybe he's trying to give me a sign and that he sent him me.

This post is astonishing to me. I have been happily haunted by this number for about 6 years now. ( I just turned 23 in May... hah..) it all started when I was dating my then fiancé and we both noticed seeing the number a lot. Like, everywhere all of a sudden. It was steange, because my whole younger life (from about 8 years old) me and my mom and gram used to consider 23 our unlucky number. Bad things would always happen to us on the 23rd, and almost always on December 23rd. For example, my mother and I got into a pretty bad car accident when I was about 5 on Dec 23rd, in which my mom almost lost her site. I actually had saved her life. The whole accident was a very strange experience for me. I was very young, 5 like i said, and I remember getting my mom out of the car as she was unconscious and into the snowy ditch. I walked 2 miles to the nearest house to get help. Before I left her to get help, she had come to just a bit, and started panicking and got on her knees and was bowing up and down to some unseen force as I say. I remember her saying, Jess get down, he's here! I'll never forget it. To this day I swear she saw god. Years later, in 1999, my Papa lost his battle with cancer on Dec 23rd. He and I were so very close, and it was a devastating loss to me. The next year, my mom slipped on ice and almost broke her neck. So we had reason to believe that number, or day, was bad.

But when my fiancé and i were beginning to see the number, we were very freaked out by it. Everything seemed to add up to 23, or we'd just see 23 on things. The time on the clock was always "xx:23" and we were not intentionally looking for it. It just happened. From my youth I assumed this was some kind of warning or bad meaning, but through the years after... I just lived with it. It was just apart of me and my life. At some point I just said okay, nothing terrible has happened since I was young, and I began to feel like the number was a message from my Papa who I am lost. I read something somewhere that seeing a number or something often was a sign of an angel, and it was their spiritual energy having you look and to see these "signs." Since then, I've felt it is him. I just think its amazing that so many of you have had the same experience with this number. I thought I was crazy or delusional. But I believe that I'm truly just blessed to have such a special, spiritual "tie" to what is beyond this life.

The number 23 has been showing up every where. My friends think I'm a freak every time I point it out. I don't take it as a bad thing or good thing... It's just something I always see. Specifically the number 1:23 or rarely 32 , 323, 232. It's crazy to me that this number follows me.

ok guys i no wat this is! this was the same thing with me! at first i thought i was going mad i tthought why is it i keep seeing the number 23 constantly???? but guys theres no such thing as a coinsidance!!! i looked into it and basicakky my mum whos my angel shows me signs by sending me numbers constantly and it means this:_ number 2 means have faith in god and ure angels as they are working with you to help to fulfill ure soul life purpose and to help to be more harmonizing and there letting u no if u need anything u can ask and they will send u signs! alson the number 3 represents the same as above meaning have faith in ure angels as they are working with u and your lovelife!! and that u are becoming more spiritually aware and they are helping u grow as a person! different numbers mean different things but nothing is negative ot bad its all good its nice to no ure angels are working with you! angels can usually be someone that has died that is close to you! xx

Wow I thought I would be the only person experiencing this.
I also see the number 23 (not 123) constantly for the last 15 years or so.....anything between 5-20 times a day.
I haven't been looking for it, it just happens....all the time! I didn't loose anyone in my life when it started so not sure if it's anyone communicating with me.
After so many years, it is becoming frustrating for me as I feel I desperately need to know what it means and why it is happening to me.
I had a few theories which proved to be incorrect.
The surprise every time I see it has subsided, I just think "of course it is 7:23 am" - not surprised at all.
We should start a Facebook group for people who experience the same thing and see how many people out there in the same boat! lol

I've had the same thing, every time I look at the clock on my phone, cooker when cooking, kitchen clock, at work, basically 99.99% of the time I see the number 23, ive been taking screen shots of my phone every time I check the time and out of about 3000 photos over a period of 6 months id say only about 40 or so are 24, 22 or 14 which leaves still over 2900 are 23.. caat just be a coincidence surly? Funnily enough it started really small soon after I watched the movie quite a few years ago now but I didn't really notice it, its only been since I split with our lass I've seen this really aggressively all the time, I honestly don't know how to react, on one hand I could just egnore it and go mad and most probably regret no acting on it, or could find a meaning..

Sorry about the typos I see I missed a few letters, ive got an advert pop up on my phone screen which only goes whiles the screen scrolls "/


I'm exactly the same. My father died a few years back. I have only really notices the numbers 123, 23 and combinations in the past year or so.

I am convinced this is not my imagination. Why 123? Why not see 124? Or 121? Try google those combinations and you wont get nearly the same number of hits.

My conclusion is that 123 is communication from the spirit world. Please note that I am an engineer and have had nothing to do with numerology or religion or spirituality previously.

This 123 phenomenon is very real.
I am here to stand in solidarity with others who have experienced the same thing.

Hey all. Not until today, I tort I was the only one seeing numbers. I see times in dis way, 09:09, 10:10,... I was telling <br />
my sister about what I see one day, afterwards she requested to use my phone for a call. I decided to check for airtime before giving her and behold right before my eyes I had N54.54 as balanced. After the call she gAve mE the phone and I saw that it was 13:13 in the time. I've been seeing thEm countless. I even have a secret Archive of somE of them. Don't know whAt to do...

By the way, did anyone notice the post number on this page?<br />
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Interesting huh?

Holy crap i had no idea we were so many.... i thought i was just going crazy.... i better start researching some more.<br />
I started seeing this number combination (1s, 2s and 3s) about 4 years ago and everyday since i see it more than once and it kinda "lingers". But lately (a few months now, since the end of november 2011) i'm seeing it way too often and it's always a strange feeling that drives me nuts, i keep trying to find an answer to why i'm seeing it or paying attention to it more than the rest of numbers. I work at an oil field in Argentina and i constantly drive past thousands of trucks a day from different companies that work in the field.... every 2 or 3 trucks (there it is again lol) there will come a truck with a big intern number 23, 32, 2233, 3322, 123, 321.... and it's like I notice it EVERY time. I have tried looking for the combination deliberatly and had no luck.<br />
123 always feels like a slap to the face.... i'm busy with my computer not paying any attention to anything around me, lift my head up and there it is!<br />
I've read all your comments and it feels you're going thru the same ordeal. waking up (or going to bed for that matter) at 1:23am is a MUST... dunno why it happens, but it does. It's driving me LOCO! I can't ignore it like i have been for the past years... it's too out-there.... the 911 comment up there gave me chills as i was reading it. What if this 123-thing is something similar? I MUST KNOW WHAT!

do you feel it's a good thing or a bad thing?

this number 23 ! I cannot stop seeing it and its driving me insane trying to figure out what it means ! but there is so much lies out there than truth which makes it harder to find !!! i just need answers , because i know for a fact it is something more than somebody trying to communicate in someway , i have a feeling its much bigger than we think ..

another thing that been happening to me, from about the same time i been seeing the #23, is what i call spiritual energy rageing through my body. mostly this happens when i'm laying awake in bed,or it wake's me from my sleep. I't seams to happing more often when i'ts raining or storming out side. I don't know if this and the #23 go hand in hand. outside the fact both these things started happening to me about the sametime. Does this happen to anyone els?

i too see the number 23 alot. seems every time i look at a clock it's 23 after the hour. this has been going on for the past 3 years now. I see the number other places to. Maybe i'm hunting for the number, but i doubt it. I think it means something. I mean the odds of seeing the same number?....

hello everyone<br />
ive got something to share with you<br />
About 13 years ago i started seeing some numbers more often then others mainly threw time my number was always the same way 9:11 i never missed this time for some reason wheather it be 9:11 am or 9:11 pm i saw it for 2 years every day some times or every other day,i used to say to who ever was around me at the time when my eyes would look at the clock and it would say 9:11 was oh o some one got hurt and needed the police ...get it 911.....well after seeing it for quite some time..ill never forget in on 09-11-2001 the worst possiable thing could of happend to our nation,i was in total shock of what had happened and when i realized that the date was 9-11 i was like mmmmm ive been seeing this number for quite some time and i just cant belive this is what had just happened...........I didnt talk about it for a while untill one day i met this lady that was talking about how she got this feeling about something one day and things started happening well let get back to my story .... I never saw the number again after that morning, but i have a new number for you and im sure u know what im about to say.... 123...yep this is my new number same senrio from before ....threw time ...1:23....feels like i see it every day some time s ill be dead asleep and all of a sudden ill wake up and it will be 1:23pm .....i work late and get to bed about 5-6am but anyways sence the whole 911 thing i feel like its a date like 1-23-?? or like 12-3-?? ive been very anxious when these dates get close cause i want to see what it is im being told but the last time was not good so im thinking its a bad thing that will happen, we will all see now that im sharing a little secret with who ever reads this message<br />
<br />

hi ,for the last 3 or 4 years i have been seeing the number 123 everywhere i go,i will wake up look at my clock 123 it used to really freak me out but sort of got used to it now.I have often wonderd what it means and why i was seeing it,then one night i had a dream that this numer was the house number of an exgirlfiend so i woke my wife and told her,the next day we went round and their it was 123,ok not to strange however i had never been to her house before and had no reason to think this was her house number other then the dream i had had,well her name was sarah and she had died 3 or 4 years maybe a little more ago and we never really got a chance to say good bye,so since then i have taken a little comfort from seeing these numbers,however last night for the first time the strangest thing happend i woke up went to the toilet and for the first time i thought to my self i no what time it is i could feel it, so i little nervously i looked at my watch and thier it was 123 this freaked me out a little i must say

OH My God look at the time of my last post!!!! 11-11 of 11 Comments <br />
Now that is very interesting. How can that be anything but positive!

Ladyroberts, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Your son might have felt it was a haunting because he didn't understand the message. One thing you could do is find a numerologist and get a reading. See if there is a a more positive thought that you can connect with the numbers you see. Holding on to the negative thoughts and memories connected with the numbers is not going to help you in anyway. Look for the brighter side of what repeating numbers could mean. <br />
<br />
Just a suggestion and I hope you find what you need in life.

I have a different experience all together. My son who just recently passed told me, about 6 months before he passed that he kept seeing the no# 123 in different orders, but none the less 123. He said it was haunting him. Believe it or not the room no# he was in before he passed was 213 and the time he passed was 10:32am . How creepy is that!!!!!!!!! It was as if ,I could hear him saying mom the no# 123 is haunting me all over again . Now, I know why!

I have figured out what 11:11 means for me. My Father passed on November 11, 1991. I should check and see if I can find out the time he passed. So when ever I see 11:11, I am reminded that I am loved and watched over. <br />
<br />
Whatever your number is just know that you are being remembered by loved ones passed or the Divine/God/(whatever name you call the highest loving energy) is communicating that you ARE LOVED!<br />
<br />
There is a book titled 11:11. I have it, but have only read parts. If I remember correctly 11:11 means a message is being sent from God, the Angels or loved ones in spirit. 11:12 means message received. We may not consciously know what the message is, but they do.

hi everybody... i just cannot believe what i'm reading here! For the last 3 years i keep seeing 11;11, 11:23, 23:11 and occasionally 33s and 44s. it's been driving me bloody mad and starting to freak me out. i've told my wife and a couple of mates but i feel they think im talking crap!!! what the hells going on.. i have had a rough time about 3 years ago but things have been ok for a long time now and i have not lost a loved 1 (yet)... it's driving me booonanas! what does it mean?

hi everybody... i just cannot believe what i'm reading here! For the last 3 years i keep seeing 11;11, 11:23, 23:11 and occasionally 33s and 44s. it's been driving me bloody mad and starting to freak me out. i've told my wife and a couple of mates but i feel they think im talking crap!!! what the hells going on.. i have had a rough time about 3 years ago but things have been ok for a long time now and i have not lost a loved 1 (yet)... it's driving me booonanas! what does it mean?

I'm very glad that you are acknowledging her and that she is there when you are having a trouble sum day. My number is harder, it is 69 and I thought it was a page I read in a book titled "The 4 agreements" excellent book. But I am still seeing that number and 11:11. I got to figure out what they mean.<br />
<br />
Peace to you

Thank you all for your comments! I actually do tell my sister that I love her when I see those numbers. And yes, I see them lots when I am having a rough day! They are comforting to me.

i woudl have to agree with the above. she loves you this is what she wants you to know.. it doesnt matter waht happened between you to she wants you to know she allways loves you.... maybe do soemthing you to didi with each other just for old times sake.

I believe in life after death. I am very good friends with a well known psychic/ clairvoyant in NJ. After helping her with her different shows, having readings done and just learning about my own spirituality, I believe the answer is obvious.<br />
<br />
Your sister is telling you she loves you. Do you notice this happening when you are sad or upset? I believe she is trying to remind you how important you are to her even after she crossed over. I truly believe our loved ones watch over us and try to connect with us when we are emotional or vulnerable.<br />
<br />
If I were you, when ever I saw those numbers I would tell your sister that you love her too. She wants you to know and acknowledge her love for you. God bless.

I think squadiwife is right, this is your sister, or the universe, telling you everything is all right. This happens to me a lot, has happend for years, and I think these are guideposts for us, telling us we are on the right path. At least that's what my theory is until now. I hope this helps. I'm sorry you lost your sister, and I hope you can take some comfort from this knowing your sister is still with you in spirit.

Its a way of her contacting you. My grandmother died and we were very close. She does things like that all the time. It used to freak me out but now it is just part of my life and I am like hi grandma.x