Every Time I See 13

Hi, my name is Jagdish and i am from india...its a very good site,I really like your site,because it helps the people who are confused about
many things,it could be any thing.,but mostly peoples are getting thier solutions of their different experience...

Even i would like to share my experience with you...i am seeing no 13 every time,I see the clock weather its my phone or my wall mounted watch...its mostly shows me the time like 9:13,12:13,10:13,1:13,4:13 same minutes hour i see my watch...i am really scared of it...its happening from last three years...please advice my its good or bad...i am spiritual person...and i believe in god...so please guide me...what to do...thanks
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Amazing, I see as well. All most everywhere I look. Everytime I look at the clock its on the minute 13. That's just one example. Its every where, every day. If you hear something of its meaning let me no. Also don't believe people who say its in your head because if that was the case then I would have noticed it years ago. I try to avoid it but it finds me so I no it means something

Hope this helps: