My daughter has been seeing 9:11 on the clock often for the last 2 years and would point it out to bring attention to it. Of course it is as common to see any number on the clock as much as the numbers 9:11. I didn't read into it nor dwell on what its meaning could represent...that was up until about a month and half ago. Well, my dad was diagnosed a couple of years ago with stage 4 prostate cancer and the initial treatments worked only for a little while but eventually they stopped working for him.

Dad was getting close to the end from what the hospice nurses have advised us. My brothers flew in to be here for dad. The night that dad past, mom was at dads bedside to be with him, the rest of us were watching TV in the living room. My mom let out a cry and me and my brothers rushed into dads room. After the emotional event of his passing, there was a moment where we were now waiting for officials to come to the house. While we waited, my daughter had the opportinity to ask if I remembered when my mom cried out. I replied back yes. She said that when she heard her cry, she paused the TV and looked on her phone and it was 9:11. Okay a little interesting. Then I realized oh my, with all that was just going on I didn't call family/friends yet. I picked up my phone and missed 2 texts. My husband texted me "love you. Call me" that showed the text time as 9:11 and then my best friend texted "how's your daddy? Do you need me? Also with a text time of 9:11. Okay now I asked my brother if he had gotten any texts and he said no. I'm thinking now either dad knows I'm more open minded and can relay that this wasn't the end and just the beginning or that out of all the family I'll be the most distraught and that I am gonna need all the help I can get and who are the 2 people he can nudge that can get me through it but my husband and my best friend. :) And to add more meaning to it, when in history has so many people if not a whole country and world became one as with what happened on the day of 9/11.
RzJx RzJx
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Aug 21, 2014