I Don't Think It Is A Spiritual Thing

More a coincidence.


I got introduced to the 47 concept by Star Trek and the whole Pomona thing. It was fun joke. I thought I'd look out for it myself to see if it really did appear everywhere.


Before then though my numbers were 7, 11 and occassionaly 141. My sister's number is 121. I adopted that too and saw it everywhere. So amusing. I really do think this thing is psychological and perhaps part of a Meme(?) - (If that is the right word, please correct me if I'm wrong). It must be some sort of joke started by this college or when I get uber paranoid, a joke on me (don't ask).


Oddly though those numbers of mine and my Sister's related to 47, can you work out how? - I had fun working them out. I also see 74 a lot. I see all these in various places, though 47/74 and 11 appear the most.


I think this is a great game. I don't think I'll get bored.


If you want to see yourself go to ---> http://www.47.net/47society/ <--- and enjoy.


I don't count 47 on any TV shows as many of them may have been done on purpose.


Edit: Some points. Thomas Jefferson (A US President I admire): His birth year and his death date. The fourth of July as independence day, It's in various friends, families and my own cell phone number, etc.  xD

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Mar 6, 2010