Standing here, by the sea, keeping the vigil all through the night. I am physically tired, but what I gain from theis experience is worth so much more. The children with their parents all left far earlier, around dusk. They all laugh and stare at me, swathed as I am in my robe and my mooncloak. They wouldn't understand me, no; not even if I told them who I am, and why I come here. The only evidence that they were ever here is the fading traces of the once-proud sandcastles that are now all but gone. With my white hair, none who now live would believe that I am but sixteen, yet my eyes have seen the ages of this world pass by. The symbol of the sun is set about me in the sand, and the two moons inside it, with the seven stars around. My gold-edged staff is perched high, its golden rings catching the moonbeams as it rests upright in the sand before me. To hear the gulls cry for the sea, to hear each wave crash on the rocks. I have lived through all, but my heart years for him still, him who I have left behind all those years...

To meet nevermore; tears of sorrow overflow deep within my heart. What good this potion of life? All is but dust in the wind.

Gryphonheart Gryphonheart
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2007