I Hate Ppl That Are Near Me

im a senior at my high school and i had always had a nice calm school experience but this yr i had never felt so depress in my life, and its not because im going to miss my so call friends but jst because all my friends are fakes..all of them..i feel like im traped wit a bunch of inmature loser specially the ppl in my lunch table. i have always been friends wit these grl..my soo call bff..well she has now found another friend. shes always like this i guess is the pattern that life takes... iguess the other grl is more fun the me..but i really hate that grl..i do..i tell her shes nice and that she funny but i really think shes a fake ***** i do..and her other friend 2..i dont like them..but i have to pretend i do because im sitting wit them and i cant change my table..im always trying to laugh at the stupid **** they say and im annoyed most of the time by them. i pretend to give a fck..but i dont specially after those grls hurt my other friend and they keep saying stupid **** abt my friend..i always tell them not to be like that..but stupid as me always stays shut..why!!! i need to tell them i dont like them..but i cant im 2 shy for i really im..wat should i do..somedays i want to go up to my friend and tell her tht i dont like her friends and that they are fake..ugg but i cant cuz idk..i cry almost every night because i feel lonely at school specially at lunch..while they are talking abt stuff im jst there smiling.. ugggggggggg i cant wait to get out hs that way i cant stop seeing those grls and my soooo call bff..which i know consider her as jst one of my other peers

dirytdiva0412 dirytdiva0412
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2010