I Keep Things to From People to Remember Them By

I've got something from almost every person I've known, from one girl it was a motto we made back in elementary school, from another, a bookmark.  From another maybe it was a computer game she gave me, whatever it is, however big or small I keep it.  Because I never know when something in my life will happen, and it has quite often, where I leave that person or they move away, and the item serves as sort of a...constant memory of the good times we had and the things we did.  And whenever I feel like I've got no one, it helps to have them around.

One special item I have is a bracelet from a girl back in...5th grade or so that we made in art class, it had my name on it and she was a part of a group of friends I used to know who were...well, just about the best people a guy could ever have asked for.  I never had to worry about them thinking anything negatively about me, never had to feel embarassed around them...they were great.  I moved now though and I don't see them anymore, haven't for about 5-6 years.  And the bracelet is just a constant reminder of the good times we had, and the bad of course...that time I got slashed by my friends cat, or the time I went to her house and we made fake phone calls to hair salons (good stuff), it's just great to know I've got a piece of them with me always :)

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

...and now you are bad big kids:P

Yeaa...there's quite a list of things I did with some of my friends, we were bad little kids back in the day :P

bracelet :)))<br />
fake phone calls? ...rofl :D