Back in grade 3 i knew this guy named Aidin(Actually i had a crush on him..)everytime i would see him or Even be near him i would "Melt" or be turned into "Jello."(no other way to discribe how i felt so may as well make it CHEESSYY..)but one day he didnt come back to school/for a pretty long time/ so i asked Cody/old friend/what happen to him.
"He moved, Tia." and i LITTERLY felt my heart drop, when i came home i actually cried(and meant it) for a little while.
After awhile i forgot about him, and since i felt so sad for what was happenin in my life i Sorta forced myself to have 'Crushes' on guys that i really didnt give a crap about.
Heres their names since grade 3:
Taylor Mont-something
Nick Paralormint
Dwayne Sonya
William Wker. 
4 guys in 4 years...To be honest i think i was just tryin to replace what i felt 4 Aidin when i was younger, i have Never felt lik that Ever since and i dont know why.
PLus my mom told me when i was about 6(i was there but i couldnt be in the same room as them)thta we went to go see a psychic. She told my mom that I was going to maRRY a handsome,nice man and going to have children with Him.
D : kids...crap...
when i was 13(im 14 now) chantal told me that "Someone" loves me and that he has blue eyes and long brown hair.So when we moved to evansburg(hellhole)i saw a guy who looked lik wat  chantal said (William) after awhile igot bored of waiting for him to come talk to me( i knew he liked me cuz somehow selena/ex friend/got his number and he told her that he liked me)TBH he wasnt really handsome either so i knew it couldnt be Him.
Chantal  comes over(last sunday) we're drinking beer and we're talkin than i  told her my bigest secret( i usually tell her everything but i havent told her this) that in gr 3 i like(practically Loved)a boy named Aidin in gr 3 and that he had brown eyes and borwn hair,she askes me what his last name and i say Ny***rm, than she says that she knew him and that hes back in RedDeer.
AN d that HE doesnt have brown eyes.
But blue.
i rember now,me and ashton were in the back of the bus(he sat behind us)and was making fun of us sayin that he thought we were dating, he kept going on and on until i snap.
i seriously scream on the top of my lungs sayin "SHUT THE **** UP!!" and i was fully facing him(back in the day my acne was HORRBLE like that creepy guy off of the GOONIES horrable)than i saw his blue eyes..
IDK...lik i forgive what he said to me and my little brother ashton,but what if..idk tell me WHAT u guys think..Please..?
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May 28, 2012