Keeping Things To Myself

I have a problem with others because I am bipolar and when the flight of ideas and pressure of speech starts I tell people everything and anything about me I do not even know what I say and it is a big problem

I do not like people to know me I have never had or wanted a best friend I try to stop telling but it just comes out

However the is past couple of months I have cut the 2 women who I share the house with off and have not talked to them at all This has become the best thing for me in this situation that I am in

So since I am not talking one does not know how to handle it and the insults and yelling starts Now I yell back at her and insult her right back and feel better for it

Lesson learned you can change your behavior even though you are bipolar and you do not have to bottle up your feelings
bymypoles bymypoles
Jul 28, 2012