I Don't Know What Do To. Advice?

i really, really hate my life at the moment and i don't know how to cope or fix it.

me and my girlfriend have been going out for 4 years and we have been through just about everything; abortion, miscarriage,cheating, you name i and we have been through it. Over the past year my girlfriend has begun being more and more hostile over time and it is killing me inside. when i see her all i want to do is run up and cuddle her and kiss her and tell her that i love her but she doesn't feel the same when she just kinda looks t me and says hi and it is really killing me inside, i miss the days when she was happy and excited to see me and made me feel special an as if i had something to look forward too. for 3 years now it has just been me and her with pretty much no friends so it's hard to take when that one person in your life just doesn't seem happy your alive at all.

She says that she is constantly depressed and that is why she is the way she is but not everything is my fault and i just want to be held and made to feel safe the way i used to feel when i was with her. i am far from perfect with her and i know that but i just want to feel as if she actually cares about me and actually wants me in her life still. i would say every 4 out of 5 days is spent arguing and at each others throat and it is killing me i don't know what to do, on one hand i love her more than anything and could imagine spending my life with her and it being great but on the other hand is it worth staying in this relationship when none of us are happy?
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I went through the same thing and decided to end the relationship becuase my daughter did not need to see her parents arguing everyday and beating on each other. I tried my damndest and finally said to myself Amanda you love him and do so much to keep him happy. Where is your happiness? Does he appreciate you? Does he show you he still cares and loves you? Most the answers were negative even when I asked him. I am happy with my decision seeing that he has not changed anything.

Well John , i see u are quite a genltman but young man, u need to see that this isnt how things will go . Talk to her . Ask her if she wants to continue with u ???? See where the fault is ?? Are u misunderstanding her ??????? N john, u are so young , u have a life ahead of u . U have so much to look forward to. Talk to her if she isnt ok with u then mayb its time to let go . . .