Opening Up...

I have always been one of those people who keeps a lot of things to myself. Call it stupidity, me being insular, whatever.....I just have difficulty sharing some things with other people.

At one time there are so many things in my head that I tend to compartmentalise and share the ones that I need to get out at the time. Sometimes they are stupid little things, sometimes more serious. Much of my problem is knowing who to share them with. Keeping things to myself always ends in a meltdown, and then I can go completely in on myself for days, which is never healthy.

I have some fantastic friends on here who are helping me to be more open with sharing, and I have to say it is starting to lift a weight I didn't even realise I was carrying. So now, when life is stressful, the little stresses are easier to cope with, because I have a very understanding support network, and one that does not push me to share things that I don't want to share. They offer me a great deal of advice and support, and allow me to be myself. This trust I have put into them has helped me to see that keeping things to myself is not always healthy.

Life has a tendency to run away with you, or drag you along with it if you let it. I am glad that I can trust these people, and I hope they feel the same. I have written about them before, but I just wanted to let them know how special they truly are.

AModelCitizen, GeorgiaRosa, JustMeBoss, Knowyourenemy, Lushiro, 999Laura, you guys have been so helpful to me in ways you may not even know. And you have definitely made me see that sharing things with you makes them seem easier to deal with, and not as bad as I first thought they were. Thankyou so much for your friendship, I will cherish it always. And I will try harder not to bottle things up until it all comes out in a huge mess that takes days to heal!
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6 Responses Nov 19, 2012

Some people have some of those days and for some people, that's all the days they have. It's always good to know you're not crazy and there's actually someone else facing demons just like yours. Thanks!

I know exactly what you mean. I have alot of similarities of just hoarding my thoughts and worries until it just gets to that non functioning point. Glad to hear youve found a way to cope. Best wishes.

Love you babe

Anytime babe! You know you can always call me to talk about anything....or nothing :-)

five hours at least! lol...and that doesn't count the overnight!
omg.....that is the most I've ever talked on the phone in one day, and I wasn't even working!

your lucky I was so tired......I can't remember it all. But I do remember a few things.....MWAHAHAHA!

Wait till sunday ;-)

I love you so much :) xxxxxx

thank you you are too :)

Awww it's no problem. ^_^ What are friends for?

Likewise! Love you! :)))